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Don't hold your breath.
A Democrat thought of this. Why am I not surprised. Scum of the earth.
And this is without the MSM covering 99% of what's important and covering for the Boy King 24/7
I'm so sorry. I'm from California and I feel your pain.
Never bring a Duffel bag to gunfight. A pillow fight, maybe...
You will not be shocked to find out that Planned Parenthood is a major contributor to this butcher's campaign.
Palin is a star. Chelsea isn't. Use the brain part of your head.
But he promised they'd go down. Course, he promised I could keep my doctor, etc. etc. etc.
You were undoubtedly both the smartest, most tolerant, and cutest person in the room so no worries. Keep up the good work.
Out of the mouth of babes and bureaucrats...
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