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Champion of the Middle Class Set to Chill With Hollywood, Hold 25K per Person Fundraiser

MiddleclassMom Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 3:46 AM
We went into Iraq with congressional approval to remove a state sponsor of terrorism. We stayed after we removed sad dam from power for two reasons. One to plug the resulting power vacuum until iraq was able to elect their own government. And two to help train the new police and military forces of Iraq. The only issue we had with oil is that some countries were violating sanctions designed to try to keep Sadam from developing a nuke.

I completely understand presidential campaigns must contain a strong fundraising component. I also understand that it's going to put you in circles of wealth and among people whose lifestyles are anything but the average American's.

Welcome to President Obama's Sunday, as chronicled by the AP:

On Sunday, Obama was holding two fundraisers in Los Angeles. He is also appearing at a small, elite gathering at the home of entertainment mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg, where Obama will be joined by former President Bill Clinton. His campaign calls the gathering a "thank you event" for longtime donors.

Obama's main...