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Private sale, pay in cash. Sounds like great advice.
See, you *don't* get it. You're comparisons are the problem. Try comparing those Democrats to folks like Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, John McCain - you know, Republicans that Democrats and the media love. There is *far* less difference there.
I'd like to know how many taxpayer dollars these 'stars' are being paid to promote this, by the way.
Are you seriously this deranged? F*CK YOU - I am not remotely interested in paying for someone else's lingerie, GOT IT??
Sorry, Ann. You're simply wrong. Mitch isn't against an immigration bill - he's against one "in 2014". Quote: "“I don't see how you get to an outcome this year..." He doesn't want to do anything to upset what he anticipates will be a Senate-regaining opportunity in November. After the election? Bank on it, there will be an immigration/amnesty bill. Another quote: Q: How important is it to you to act this year to get some kind of immigration reform? McCONNELL: Well, I hope we can. You'll have to sell the notion that McConnell isn't going to help immigration happen elsewhere, kiddo. And McConnell is *so* very conservative he's held the line on the debt ceiling and spending, right? Oh wait, no he hasn't - he continues to go along with it all. Wow, so very, very conservative, right Ann?
"Catball" Well-chosen nickname; this individual clearly has the intelligence of something vomited up by a cat.
Dude needs to add a segue to his rep here; like the black woman who says TEA Party is racist because of their disagreements with a black president, you must immediately say something to the effect of "oh, well you must've been a big George W. Bush fan, then?" "Well, no, I..." "Oh, you're disagreements with a white president means that you're a racist then?"
LOL - as said by a viewer at another site, "I just found out I'm in a bi-racial marriage - I'm married to a woman." Hey, if you think 'women' is a 'race' - you've got some significant intelligence issues, champ. You'll forgive the rest of us for simply dismissing your comments as the ravings of an imbecile.
No one is actually stupid enough to believe this, are they?
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