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*And* they scoffed at Bush's larger coalition. They still do today.
I'm imagining that if conservatives didn't watch MSNBC in order to complain about it's ridiculous programming, it would get no attention and be bankrupt and off the air in six months.
LOL, this is comical. And infuriating.
He's right, but to hear him say he always told the truth himself is simply laughable.
LOL, what a comically stupid ad. But then, liberals are comically stupid and unable to grasp reality, so...
The utter lack of self-awareness, coupled with rank hypocrisy - it burns.
Good; make them flee, and don't let them ever come back.
You're an idiot. Please take steps to stop consuming oxygen. Thanks in advance.
Uninformed moron. Go shoot yourself in the head, please.
Another f*cking idiot.
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