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Progressivism Claims Another Life

MidasRex Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 9:48 PM
*BZZZZZZT* Oh, I'm sorry, but your answer is *wrong*. Thanks for playing, and be sure to claim your consolation prize on your way out.
"Can't the peaceful protesters read?" Um... no?
"It boggles the mind to think Obama would even consider such a thing considering the anemic economy, monstrous debt and unemployment." It does - unless you realize that his intent is not for the good of the country. He's doing this because it is *not* good for the country, period.
Sounds great. Will that offset the addition of millions of new Democrats to the voter rolls, entitlements, etc? Because that's the next step - mark it; there will shortly be calls to allow these illegals more 'rights' lest they be 'second class citizens', yadda yadda. Them, and all of their family members who will now begin streaming over to be legalized as well. This is an existential threat for this country; once done, we're done.
Perhaps if you knew what you were talking about rather than mindlessly regurgitating limp leftist talking points, we wouldn't be in this situation.
We simply need to go drag this clown out of the WH, kicking and screaming.
Hey Derek - get over *yourself*. Been voting reliably GOP for decades now, and it's been quite a while since they actually did what they say they stand for every year. You may continue to vote as though you have 'battered wife syndrome' all you want - I'm done.
Oh, I know - its terrible to be on a program the government forced you to participate in, isn't it? I mean conservatives want lower taxes - you going to 'lulz' at a conservative that pays their taxes because... they have to by law? Are you actually as dense as you sound?
Nothing a well-deserved buttkicking wouldn't correct.
*And* they scoffed at Bush's larger coalition. They still do today.
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