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Pelosi Says Obama Has Been "Brilliant"

Micky G. Wrote: Sep 23, 2013 4:10 PM
More proof (as if we needed any more) that too much Botox is bad for the brain. obama is as brilliant as brillo pad...but not as useful.
Actually they've shown that they were misled by the left-wing propAganda and have come to their senses...but bear-in-mind, a conservative to an Aussie would be the equivalent of a clinton democrat in America.
I believe the article is referring to POTUS as the "civilian" master - which (God help us) he is.
Excellent article! Excellent!! "bin singin' this tune for a long, long time!! I stopped contributing to the communist party of the USA (hollywood) many years ago.I got rid of Direct (cable) TV 7 years ago, I NEVER watch network TV, I've NEVER, not ONCE, bought a cup of coffee from starbucks and I will NOT buy a US made car while obama and his union thugs own the companies. And I will never patronize ANY company that I know has done ANY kind of business with the race hustlers, jackson, sharpton et al. Why don't the genuine Americans realize that the only option available that doesn't make a lot of noise and breaks things, is to dry up the life-blood of the blood-suckers - STOP giving your hard-earned money to the crooks who want to destroy you!!!
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