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Who in their right mind would vote for this Murray freak. Wait, Democrats are not in their right mind. With some people, you don't even have to know what the issue is; if they are for it, just be against it. Case in point, anything that this woman supports should be voted down summarily.
This is exactly why Perry should have refuse to attend this dog and pony show. When he said he wanted a meeting with the President and Valerie Jarrett responded by inviting him to a meeting of "leaders", this outcome was inevitable. Next time Rick, stick to your guns. You and me Prez - no other.
Okay troll, here, put this white jacket on and let me fasten these restraints.
It ain't incompetence con. He's sticking his thumb in our eye and daring someone to stop him. So far...
"Dem Rep: Seeing Photos of Obama "Drinking Beer" in Denver Totally "Floored Me"" Why? He's an amoral Marxist freak. What floors me is that you are surprised.
There are so many things to comment on here. I will choose just this one - Mexico. Here's what I would do if I were President. I would call Senor El Presidente about three in the morning. Once on the phone my statements would be something like this: Senor, we have a problem and we are going to solve it I am immediately cutting off all trade and aid until you do the following: Close your border with the United States, allow no more illegals to cross. Immediately release Sargeant Tahmooressi from his imprisonment. You have one week to comply. If at the end of one week you have taken no action I will have the Congress declare a state of hostilities (war if you wish) between the United States and Mexico and begin these hostilities by bombing all of you military and c and c installations out of existence. Then I will mobilize the United States military and execute a full scale invasion that will end at the presidential palace with your unconditional surrender. No more viva La Raza senor. This would only be the first phase.
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President Obama Should Go Down to Border

mickdavid Wrote: 7 hours ago (1:43 PM)
"President Obama Should Go Down to Border" Rather, President Obama should go to h...
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Tea Party: Learn From Al Gore

mickdavid Wrote: 7 hours ago (1:38 PM)
Gosh Will, Ann may be right in this case but your description of "The selfish TEA Party supporters..." kinda blows your cover and reveals you as a radical left wing freak. What are you doing on this site? Is TMZ not on during the day? Run out of chocolates?
Another point to note is that Perry did not get what he asked for, namely, a meeting with the President. Instead, he got a response from Valarie Jarrett inviting him to a sit down with "leaders" and "others" to discuss the crisis - which he unfortunately accepted. Have you ever noticed how much of an orchestrated scenario incidents like this are? No Republican EVER gets simply what he asks for. It's always recast in another context which Obama controls. How many times does this jerk have to put his finger in your eye before you get the drift?
This is how he inoculates himself from blame. No photo's of him amid the chaos - which he caused. Asking congress for billions to alleviate the humanitarian crisis - which he caused. If the request stalls he will blame congress and the Republicans for refusing to work with him to solve the crisis - which he caused. And in the end he will blame the Republicans for causing the immigration crisis (which he caused) by not passing "Comprehensive Immigration Reform". A neat little plan.
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