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Old Kurt has a knack for hitting nails on the head. And he nailed Rubio beautifully. "Come into my pantry said the spider to the fly" and Rubio went dutifully expecting an honorable fight where the Gang of Eight were going to do what's best for America. Instead, Schumer and the other democrat ghouls know that if they get 11 million illegals legitimized, shortly after they'll have 11 million new voters signed up to pull the dem lever in the next election. And America will never be the same again. I agree. Rubio should bolt. Quickly.
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Two Cheers For Rebranding

McFerguson Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 9:10 AM
Of the four conservative republicans referred to by Goldberg - Cantor, Jindal, Rubio, Ryan - Cantor, by far, is the least effective. He exudes phoniness, if not smarminess and should not be the point man for the so-called "re-branding of the party." The hokey "compassionate conservatism" that George W. Bush sold successfully during the 2000 election was a one-time shot and should not be repeated. We need an articular spokesman who can "sell" the Constitution, not pander to so-called minorities. I'd replace Cantor with Ted Cruz (R-TX) in a New York minute.
Great article! Finally, somebody has the cojones to strip the Hildebeest bare and spank that humongous bottom. Ever since this lady hit the scene as an adjunct to the turd from Arkansas (AKA, the White House Hippie) she's been a liar, not quite as good as her lecherous husband, but a liar nevertheless. If you asked her right now about the location of the Rose Law firm billing records, she'd swear they burned up in a fire sometime in the late 80s. And if you told her that they were actually located in the living quarters of the White House when she was First Lady, she'd say that was fiction put forth by the "vast right-wing conspiracy."
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