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At least Comrade Obama will have an excuse for losing the election. "Joe, I TOLD you to just go hide somewhere and just the heck up!"
Just wait. A week before the scheduled debate between Ryan and "ole drunken Uncle' Joe Biden, the White House will announce poor ole Biden was hospitalized for unknown reasons at an undisclosed location for an undetermined amount of time like...say...after the election.
And, finally, if those people in New Orleans are STILL there after Katrina, fine...just don't come whining for the federal government to bail your stupid a$$ out again because you don't have enough sense to move out of a city that's BELOW sea level. They should evacuate everyone in NOLA and turn it into a wildlife preserve. I'm tired of these idiot M*therf*ckers demanding government help every few years to rebuild their homes after the latest hurricane when they're too stupid to leave.
And, secondly, Sam Jackson wouldn't DARE talk to me like that to my face. I'd kick his self-important a$$. He's a fool.
I never 'hated' many people in my life until I began reading comments from supposedly 'enlightened' people in Hollywood or connected with Hollywood. I've come to the conclusion that, for one, they're completely dispensable entities since their only measure in life is to Pretend to be someone else and Remember lines of dialogue. Talk about 'Wasted Space' on the planet, these people offer humanity absolutely Nothing: they're not doctors, scientists, teachers. They just 'Act'. They're so deluded in their 'Worth' to humanity, they constantly exaggerate their own importance. These are folks who called GW Bush a 'Nazi' and thought they were expressing 'Free Speech' but to disagree with Comrade Obama's Marxist policies makes one a 'racist'.
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