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Charity Begins With Wealth Creation

Mick135 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 5:17 PM
Well Said! Thank yo, Mr. Stossel; I rather doubt you ahve time to read all the comments, but this is one fella who appreciates what you do since you heard the giant "POP" sound of the head leaving the distal end of the alimentary canal. I heard it after reading Atlas Shruggged, and being and ER nurse tending to those who "needed" help for their runny noses, perfectly willing to step over the folks with chest pain or lung disease, all while I couldn't afford to take a day off or see a doctor! Went from long-haired hippie-type former drug-using drunk to a member of the Human Race, all due to the concepts espoused by those who think rationally and spiritually. Don't agree all the time with everything, but that's what makes life interesting
Charity -- helping people who have trouble helping themselves -- is a good thing two times over. It's good for the beneficiary and good for the donor, too. Stephen Post's fine book, "The Hidden Gifts of Helping," reveals that 76 percent of Americans say that helping others is what makes them most happy. Giving money makes us feel good, and helping face-to-face is even better. People say it makes them feel physically healthier. They sleep better.

Private charity is unquestioningly better than government efforts to help people. Government squanders money. Charities sometime squander money, too, but they usually don't.

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