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Double Barrel Biden, Rape Whistle Salazar and My AR-15 Giveaway

Mick135 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 3:16 PM
For what it's worth: I work as one of few male nurses in a hospital, off at 11:30 p.m. I see co-workders leave with one arm loaded with purse, books, crochet supplies; the other hand is busy texting. No situational awareness, but they have NOT been taught better; always it's"someone else" responsible. Wake up! Heads up! Look like a predator, not prey! I leave with 150 lumen light in one hand, keys in the other; the light the only "weapon" allowed on campus.
Tionico Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 4:36 PM
OHHHhhh.. you mean one of those five pound chunks of heavy guage thick walled aluminium, filled with five BIG "D" cells for extra weight, er, I mean, battery power, and a small hasp and thick lanyard attached to the butt end of it? Yeah, now THAT is a useful flashlight, a true "multipurpose tool". Cops have liked them for decades now. If its alright for them, its alright for us, right?
Larry in Texas Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 10:10 PM
Ah, I forgot the backup 5D baton...uh..."illumination device,"
Mick135 Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 3:18 PM
BTW, Biden's infamous "shotgun blast" approach is a felony where he lives. He admits he, the Vice President, tells his wife to commit a felony. Is anyone surprised?
Larry in Texas Wrote: Feb 24, 2013 4:15 PM
@ Mick135 - You're joking right? Joe Biden has Sec Serv protection 24/7 and inhabits arguably the most corrupt, lawless administration in U.S. history. Think our laws apply to him and his family? You are dreaming my friend.

Boy, the anti-gun goobers were out in full force this past week giving us plebeians the down low on what we “need” to protect ourselves during everything from home invasions to rape situations. It was like listening to Obama talk about economics or Roseanne Barr gloss smoothly on the importance of Southern etiquette in marital conflicts.

I heard so much horse scat coming from the left last week regarding self-defense that I am now befuddled as to whom I should give my “Are You Blanking Kidding Me” award to. Damn you, tyranny of many options. Damn you!

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