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Death penalty foes won't take a stand in Colorado

Mick135 Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 4:47 PM
In my own family there has been a death penalty case, with a now long-dead member the defendant. There were less than 90 days from murder to execution, with an appeal, as perfunctory. But that was in the late '30's, when it wasn't fashionable to argue against such when the facts were quite plain, which they were. No one in my family has ever suggested that this was a wrong course of action, including his widow and children, then ages 9 and 12, now well into their 80's. The only issue was how the community treated the widow and kids afterward, as if it was open season on THEM for what someone else had done. But the death penalty? My father is strongly in favor of it. So is his sister. Their mother passed years ago, never complaining.
shubi_ Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 5:34 PM
One of the ways to dissuade criminals is to make sure they know their families will be socially dealt with, as well. Who would want to associate with the family of the Aurora mass murderer or Gacy or Dahmer?
In the aftermath of the Aurora, Colo., slaughter, the question went forth on all of the political chatter shows: "Will this reopen the debate over gun control?"

That's the script. When heinous monsters kill people with guns, we tend to talk about the problem of guns. Or rather, people in Washington, New York and other big cities tend to talk about the problem of guns, because they think guns are the problem. There's an irony there, of course, given that such cities tend to have the worst gun-related murder rates -- Chicago these days has the equivalent of an...