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Have you ever considered the implications involved if someone were to loan out their car? How about the intimate conversations someone may have in their vehicle? Should all of this be available to the sweeping snoopers? If you're OK with that, there's something wron with you.
I live in Illinois, not far from where Springfield Armory, Rock River Arms, Lewis Machine Tool, Armalight and others come from. Each time I get a call or email from my Democrat representative asking my opinion about jobs, the economy, etc. I suggest she touch base with these manufacturers. I have yet to have a direct response from her. Ms. Bustos, your constituents are calling!
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Sandy Hook Demolition Begins

Mick135 Wrote: Oct 25, 2013 5:49 PM
Why does the name "Waco" keep running through my mind? Is it evidence destruction?
Frankly, I think it will take that to wake up the unwashed masses.
There is talk of pulling the program down, cleaning it up, making it work... I for one think that the Right should press hard to 1) Remove all the various deferrments and special treatments unconstitutionally placed by executive fiat and 2) Require that enforcement begin on the date ordained, with no regard whatsoever for the inability of folks to get signed on. It will take ths kind of wake-up call to motivate the masses to push Boehner, Reid and McConnell out to pasture as well as get the bloody spear out of the side of our Nation.
Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm certain no one would be so bashful as to pass up an opportunity, but I believe George H.W. Bush initiated the law that Clinton refined into what we have now. that is but one of the anti-gun efforts of the vaunted elder.
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Starbucks and Guns

Mick135 Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 4:54 PM
My understanding of the situation is this: Starbucks initially (and wisely) took the position that their stores would abide by the laws of the locales of the shops. A bunch of anti-gun folks came down on them with a hissy fit, which was responded to by fools parading into the shops with AR-15's, shotguns, etc. All of this brought bad mojo on Starbucks; they did not choose to be the battlefield in this war. Whether the official position right now is wise or not will be seen in time AS A BUSINESS. Private property= their house, their rules. I don't like their politics or their coffee, and I am in favor of both concealed and open carry BUT... just because one CAN do something doesn't mean one SHOULD. Unfortunately, common sense failed all around so far.
"A police officer told me"... some of the least-informed people about firearms laws wear a badge, and will arrest you on erroneous information.
The argument has ALWAYS been about changing the hearts and minds of people, not just the laws. The fruition of that line of thinking is beginning, thankfully.
Pragmatically, the very notion that one should await the response of "Authorized Individuals" is suicidal. An attack can easily be over with in 15 seconds or less, long before 911 is even considered. In the UK, where folks are essentially defenseless and treated as criminals if they protect themselves the murder, aggravated battery, rape and other crimes against persons are escalating; too, "hot burglaries", where the resident is home at the time, are becoming common as the criminals know there will be no resistance. Rage against this! YOU are your own First Responder!
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Insulating Obama From His Corrupt IRS

Mick135 Wrote: Jul 24, 2013 5:18 PM
I appreciate the mention of Galesburg, IL, the town in which I am currently seated at my desk, taking a respite from work. It should be noted that the audience for President What'sHisNameToday would have to be made up primarily of the unemployed, the retired, students, teachers, and Knox College faculty- long a bastion of liberalism. This is not to say that no others were there, but that list would comprise most of the group. Those paying for his jet, helicopter, motorcade, security, etc. are those of us who actually work for a living. As an aside, the local paper had an online poll asking if one had had a chance to go to the President's speech today, would you? The vote was 61% against. Thought it should be told.
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