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As I understad it, these are NOT finished receivers, but 80% complete, thus no need for a serial number. It is legal for a citizen to build his own firearm for his own use. It would be up to the citizen to do the final 20% of the necessary process to complete the receiver. If he doesn't sell it, his ownership of this "firearm" is noboy's business but his own... until the jack-booted thugs move in.
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Annoying People: There Ought to Be a Law

Mick135 Wrote: Mar 13, 2014 10:52 AM
Perhaps Mr. Kass should have posted a sarcasm alert. Then, perhaps, his column wouldn't have been so annoying. BTW, this is being sent from Galesburg, IL.
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Lawless Lesbianism

Mick135 Wrote: Mar 10, 2014 4:33 PM
Laws by their very definition are not “optional.” Better check with 1600 Penn on that..
I can't imagine why we give this twit a moment's consideration. Period.
I haven't read all of the comments, thus this may be redundat, but at least one police officer has proclaimed that he "can't wait to get the order to come kick in your door". So much for that oath the the Constitution...
Never going to happen. Lee fits the current agenda; Nugent does not.
I would respectfully disagree. The ATF has been mis-using and abusing their role much, much longer; another recent example was Waco, TX. And that is recently. Check with the NRA about how the IRS has lied, manipulated, comitted perjury, etc. over the past couple of generations.
It's my understanding that D.C. has also prosecuted and "pled down" folks who got fired .22 brass stuck in the treads of their shoes at the range, thus "transporting" it into D.C. from Virginia. Rather than fight the felonies, those folks take the plea, pay $1,000 shake-down fine, and go on with their lives. Incredible.
I'm good with that. Add Mark Kirk to the list; since his stroke, he acts as if he's Dickie Durbin's sock puppet. BTW, I'm from IL.
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