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Keep in mind Democrat tactics on election day. A close relative was in the vicinity of a major-city Dem control center on election day, and was tutored on how to get folks from IL registered based on having a hotel receipt from IA for the previous night, and how out-of-town voters could vote again using the same tactic. BIG downside to same-day registration. That race is ripe for fraud.
Tuberculosis cases have increased dramatically in the U.S. over the past decade or so, with infected persons passing it along in homeless shelters, prisons and other areas where people are packed together. That does not explain the current, specific rise in the El Paso area; this was entirely avoidable.
This woman should Google, "Dead people associated with Clintons" pretty soon.
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Losing Our Sovereignty

Mick135 Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 2:55 PM
Bravo! And as I tell those who will listen, those coming acros the border are bringing TB, HIV, and ailments rarely seen(and thus too late detected) with them. They are the sex slaves, the prostitutes, the unguided, the shuffled masses... of whom thousands will die. This is predictable. There are gang members, murderers, drug dealers, and yes, terrorists. But none of that matters because of the 10-20% that actually survive and eventually vote, they will voteDemocrat. And that REALLY matters.
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Slavery Reparations

Mick135 Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 10:38 AM
A minor note on that land value thing: prime farm ground in central IL goes easily for $6,000/acre. In fact, that may be the bid for simple recreational land.
That sounds much like, " Do what thou wilt shall be th whole of the law." Where have I read that before?
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Don't Stigmatize Murderers!

Mick135 Wrote: May 29, 2014 11:34 AM
Sometimes it's worse: A relative of mine was in dire need of being placed involuntarily for his own safety and that of others. His parents, some siblings and I addressed the court, and committal was ordered. The nearest inpatient facility was in the next county. He was driven there by county deputies, with his father and I following. After providing staff with pertinent info, we were asked to leave so he could be evaluated. We went to lunch, then drove back home. We picked him up hitch-hiking back home, as he had held it together for the 10-minute evaluation and was discharged. His life, and many others, have been impacted severely since then; we could not get another committal. And so it goes....
^^^^ + 1. This trend is very good news indeed. As for DeGaulle, his hat must have been too tight at that moment. Had it not been for the sacrifices of so many we paid respect to yesterday, the French language would be trending as the Latin language is.
All of this happening right now, and I recall just a few short months ago when Judicial Watch was considered by many in the NON-mainstream media to be a very small cadre' of folks tilting at windmills. What a difference a FOIA makes.
Heaven help me for typing this, but if there were a "Like" button here I suspect the number would be rather high.
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