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...where's ur stats for that Barone? I live near want to compare for me the black crime rate from the last half of the 20th cent to the 21st? I'm pretty sure it's not the whites causing Detroit to have the #2 highest crime rate in the US and Flint, MI #1. Ugh. I feel like I should bleach my brain from reading this junk. Please do better next time, Barone.
I can't believe this article was even posted on TH. There are so many discrepancies I don't know where to start. Barone starts out with mentioning the Aurora Massacre. What does that have to do with lowering too stringent reactions to crime? The guy was a psycho that premeditated his murders. To me nothing would be too stringent a reaction. Holmes deserves the death penalty, but from the sounds of the article Barone would prob think that "rehabilitation measures" would be more beneficial. "But by the late 19th century, after a long generation, crime rates among the Irish fell sharply. Something similar seems to be happening among black Americans..." Does this statement even need refutation? Talk about being far off base (cont)
That is the thing with atheists: they create their own moral code. God has a very specific moral code. While many people think murdering is wrong, people that murder find justifiable reasons to do so. It doesn't make it bad to them, then. I hope I'm conveying my points well, here. I'm trying to say that people need to follow God and accept Christ because left to their own devices they are unsure, if subconsciously, what is right and wrong. So no, I'm not irritated that I need God as a guide in my life, but rather I find it sad that others reject him.
Fred, "perfectly moral" from your perspective is very relative. I am going based on assumption but you probably think that sex before marriage is okay, right? The bible is VERY CLEAR that premarital sex is a sin, therefore, wrong, bad. Most of these "millions of people who live perfectly moral lives..." probably have had sex before marriage, too, as that is perfectly acceptable in our society now. But to God, that is a sin. You have to remember that not only does God love man, whom he created, but God is also holy, and has to punish sin (cont)
Highest rate of porn? Where do you even find a statistic like that? In fact, where are your statistics since you like to throw out these arbitrary asinine statements like they're truth. Oh yeah! Here's some for you: Pop. of Calif. in 2010: 37, 253, 956; welfare recipients in 2008: 1, 216, 866 Pop. of Texas: 25, 145, 561; welfare recipients in 2008: 115, 690 You do the math. BTW I got the welfare recipient stats from your very won New York Times. Argh! Look at me! Arguing with a TROLL. Shame on me :p
Where in Hawkins article did he ever say one particular group was good and the other was bad? You're misconstruing his words, which is par for the course for a lib/prog.
I'm a little confused with what you're attempting to convey but I have to say that, as a Christian who is pretty knowledgeable of the bible, your usage of the scriptures is COMPLETELY out of context. And not a good idea to use an OT reference written to a specific group of people at the time.
That right there is proof that we're not good. If people are good than they would be born good and that is just not reality.
I understand what you're saying David, but a true evangelical Christian who is informed and knowledgeable of the bible will tell anyone that the nature of a human is NOT good. That's why we need Christ. We're born with the sin nature of Adam and the only way to be redeemed is by accepting Christ and believing that He sacrificed His own life for ours. Atheists get it alright, but they don't like the idea of themselves not being good, that they have to rely on a higher power for goodness. That's why it was genius of Hawkings to start the article with the concept that children are essentially little savages that need to be civilized (cont)
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My Speech to the NAACP

MichiganWife85 Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 9:00 AM
I agree Mo4. Baby murder is an issue near and dear to the conservative base's hearts. Why do you think Obozo lied about it so many times during his first campaign to become president? If anyone cared a whit about it then they would have looked at his voting record (like I did) to know he was VERY pro-killing babies.
Then they would cry out "Separation of Church and State!" Do you know how many times I've flippin heard that phrase? And do you know how many times I sigh in exasperation and answer back, "Okay, show where it says that in the Constitution of the Declaration of Independence then I might listen."
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