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did you READ the article? the author quotes the oath the cops take, and shows that there is nothing in there about swearing allegiance to a person. you may want to ask a grownup to read it to you so you understand it. deBlasio richly deserves this extremely minor display of unhappiness from the police. considering the nasty things he's said about them, I think they've been pretty reserved.
just when you think Obama has beaten Carter as the worst president ever, Carter reminds you why he still holds that title.
where is the "like"button?
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The Antisemitic Derangement

michigan ruth Wrote: Jan 14, 2015 9:07 PM
I'd feel better about France's commitment to its Jews if I didn't know Hollande had tried to keep Bibi Netanahu away from the Paris march. (and that when Bibi refused, Hollande in a fit of pique invited Abbas to also attend.) that does not bode well.
thank you Paul. this is the #1 most important message to communicate today. what's the cliche: "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good"? maybe your particular GOP Senate candidate wasn't your first choice. maybe you think he/she's too liberal/conservative/RINOish/tea partyoid/Karl Rovian... but I beg you, for the sake of the country: put it aside and vote for the Republican anyway. this is our ONLY hope to keep Obama contained for the next 2 years.
"Just think how difficult these would be to obtain if this weren't the most transparent administration in history." excellent!
ok all you "I'm not votin' for no RINO" people out there. unless you want to see this clown as the next Supreme Court justice, you MUST vote for the Republican candidate in November, whether you like him or not. if you have to, hold your nose with one hand and pull the R lever with the other--but pull that R lever!
see my comment above to Achmed/Adolf. Jew-hatred is stronger than facts, and there's a lot of it in the media too.
I love it that you're trying to talk facts and reality to the Jew-hater "svirk2" (aka Achmed), but it's pretty pointless. Jew-hatred trumps facts every time. Jew-haters have brought cognitive dissonance to a new level: eg, they know that there are today hundreds of thousands more Palestinians than there ever were, but they also "know" that Israel is committing genocide. clearly, both those things can't be true...but the Jew-haters don't have a problem with it. maybe it's because their brains are already so screwed up it's not a big leap.
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