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when I read the headline I thought "Oh c'mon, even *I* can't believe that moron Kerry said something this ridiculous." so I clicked to read the context. and gosh darn it if he didn't actually say that. but hey: at least they're not all apartheid and stuff, like Israel, right Sec. Kerry?
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Liberal Racism

michigan ruth Wrote: May 05, 2014 6:18 PM
these are the same people who get their JFK assassination info from Oliver Stone movies.
see my comment above. btw, may I have your snailmail address? I'd like to send you a "Hillary 2016" bumper sticker, because that's what you will be helping to accomplish with your attitude.
actually, recent history shows the exact opposite. Romney would have won in 2012 if 2 million "conservatives" who voted for McCain-Palin had voted for him. they didn't. he didn't pass their purity test. now we are facing Obamacare, a nuclear Iran, a cr*ppy economy, and a resurgent al Qaeda and Soviet Union. how's that "both candidates are virtually the same" thing working out for you, purists? I weep when I think of how much better off we'd be with President Romney in the WH.
ok then, have your anti-immigration primary fights, Ann. but I have two words for you: "Christine O'Donnell."' ok? the Republicans have a really really REALLY good chance of taking the Senate and increasing their dominance in the House in November. I would hate to see that messed up by this circle-the-wagons attitude of the RINO-haters.
no...Carter didn't learn anything from his mishaps. in fact, he's gotten a little worse. he was only a bad president before; now he's kind of turned into a full-blown self-righteous anti-Semite.
sorry, Jimmah, but I call BS on that one. Obama is probably MORE pro-Palestinian than you are, he just can't say it out loud. (oh, to see that Rashid Khalidi video that the LA Times has on lockdown!!) Katie is spot on as usual: Obama is not the brainiac some people thought he was, but he's smart enough to stay away from the toxic Carter.
jihadist-enabling lefty? sounds like a perfect pick for a big job in the Obama administration!
we don't have to wonder what MLK Jr. would think. we know that his dream was for people to be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Obama is judged ONLY by the color of his skin; if we judged him based on his actions he'd be impeached by now.
then shouldn't you have 57 for each of the states Obama visited during the first campaign?
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