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Well, there are his grades from college...oh, wait! There are all the articles he wrote as the Editor of the Harvard Law Review...oh wait...etc.
Nice! Great post!
With the person in there now it should be referred to as the Presidential Palace! He does think he is king!
I would say Detroitistan would be a more fitting new name!
Mostly the UP's secession is not serious. I would not blame them if they did secede, as they are a lot like Western Maryland in the they are a small percentage of the population of the state and largely forgotten by the legislators in the Mitten. It would be nice if the Western part of the lower peninsula combined with the UP to form a state. That would get rid of the Detroit "problem".
Especially the last part of the last sentence!
The Silverdome is in Pontiac, as I am sure you know, and Pontiac probably can't afford to tear it down.
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It's 1973 All Over Again

Michigan Man Wrote: May 16, 2013 10:13 AM
I'm revolted each time I see any one of those three speak on TV!
How does something that happened in the past affect you now? Grow up. Don't live in the past.
The problem is that Detroit's elected official HAVE been making the decisions and you can see where it got them. So, yeah, let's keep doing the same thing, that's a good idea. /sarc
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