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Why Is Everyone Filing for Social Security Early?

michigander4 Wrote: Jul 25, 2012 1:50 PM
The problem is that no one has an iron clad guarantee that they'll make it to 70. One can be in perfect health and get run over by a beer truck, struck by lightning or shot by a jealous husband, etc. before that 70th birthday olls around. Each person has to weigh the odds for his/her particular circumstance. But make no mistake, it's a crapshoot.

Dear Carrie: I'll be 62 next month. All my friends seem to be taking Social Security on their birthday. I've heard this may not be the wisest choice. What do you think? --A Reader

Dear Reader: Turning 62 seems to be one of those magic milestones -- and more and more people seem to be celebrating by filing for Social Security benefits the first chance they get. According to the Stanford Center on Longevity, the majority of retirees choose to begin receiving Social Security payouts within a few months after age 62 or immediately after they stop working, regardless of economic or...

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