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Opposing Susan Rice Sexist? What About Opposing John Kerry?

michigander4 Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 1:24 PM
Most of the descendants of Adams and Revere, et al, got the hell out and joined the great western migration. They are now the bedrock of flyover country. The ancestors of Kerry, Bawny and the Kennedys didn't get here until much later. I'm not a big fan of LBJ, but he had it right when he said, "My grandfather was a member of the Texas Legislature when John Kennedy's grandfather was tending bar at the north end of Boston."

Liberal Washington Post editorial page commentator Ruth Marcus sees sexism in the Republican opposition to naming the current U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, as Hillary Clinton’s replacement as Secretary of State. Marcus trots out a well-worn story from the 1970s. She relates the formidable Alice Rivlin’s recollections as first Director of the Congressional Budget Office. “Over my dead body will we have a woman in that job” was the reaction of the House Budget Committee Chairman. (Chairman, Ooh! Bad!) That was Dr. Rivlin’s testimony. Dr. Rivlin sailed through confirmation to chair the CBO and is widely respected...