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My Plan for Eliminating School Shootings

michigander4 Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 9:01 AM
One minor disagreement with Mike: I'm 71 years old, and all of my teachers K through 6th grade were female. Several of them didn't have four-year college degrees. They were products of two-year teachers colleges (called Normal Schools at the time). They did an excellent job of preparing us for high school and beyond, not the least of which was the requirement to recite the Pledge of Allegience every morning, and singing the National Anthem or God Bless America at least once a week.
mistermilo Wrote: Dec 26, 2012 11:34 PM
We older folks were the lucky ones to have patiotic people as our teachers. Also, our parents backed them to the hilt.

As a candidate for president of the United States, it is incumbent on me to make a statement regarding the Sandy Hook massacre and to explain how my policies would help prevent other such massacres should I become president. As I discuss this sensitive topic, it is also incumbent on me to sound more rational and articulate than the incumbent. That will not be difficult.
As president, I plan to attack the issue in two ways. First, I will use the bully pulpit to influence voters and state lawmakers. Second, I will take direct action to influence...