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Fox News is the Latest to Hop in Bed with Petraeus

michigander4 Wrote: Dec 07, 2012 9:05 AM
RE: "......or even hit the story that Petraeus appears to have lied to Congress over Benghazi twice, which is a felony. " Untrue! The first place I heard that Petraeus' repeated the Ambassador Rice talking points, in his first closed-door testimony, was from FoxNews interviewing people who were in the room. That aside, if FNC is actually cuddling up to Petraeus, it is wrong, and they should be called on it. But it will take more than this single interview, which may have been in jest, for me to throw them under the bus. I need a little more proof beyond Woodward's interpretation.
No doubt in the spirit of the season, somebody bestowed an audio sweetmeat upon Bob Woodward of The Washington Post -- 13-plus minutes of an off-the-record conversation that took place in spring 2011 between Gen. David Petraeus, then ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) commander in Afghanistan, and Fox News analyst KT McFarland, who was visiting Petraeus' Kabul HQ.

At the end of an interview, McFarland announces she has a personal message for Petraeus from Fox News President Roger Ailes, part of which is: If Petraeus isn't appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he should resign in six months and run...