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ABC News: 12 Revisions to Benghazi Talking Points

michigander4 Wrote: May 11, 2013 8:19 AM
Geraldo was on O'Reilly last night, grudgingly admitting Obama's culpability in covering up the Benghazi affair. But when O'Reilly asked him if it rose to the seriousness of Watergate, Geraldo said, "No." How can he say that? Nixon tried to cover up a botched burglary in which no one was killed. Obama tried to cover up the fact that he and his subordinates refused to send help to Benghazi, resulting in the murder of four Americans. Which attempted coverup was the most egregious? You be the judge.

Finally, someone other than only Fox News seems to be paying attention to the still growing Benghazi cover-up.  CBS's Bob Schieffer seems to have finally engaged following some great reporting by Sharyl Attkisson. Now comes an ABC report by Jonathan Karl that the Benghazi talking points went through twelve revisions - not just the three as reported last week by Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard. 

Maybe - just maybe - the scales will fall from at least a few of the Obamaphiles in the media to help expose what really happened in Benghazi and...