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So what you're saying is... What is or isn't under your skirt is the most important thing in your life... My has the feminine movement regressed!
Wow! How much do you think he'll win by in the other dozen states? ;-)
Funny you should say that... three phrases came to mind when I read this post.... Storm the Bastille! Bring out the Guillotine! I want my cake!
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The Salem Sandwich Trials

Michelle254 Wrote: Jul 31, 2012 4:29 PM
Bring forth the holy hand grenade!
Oh yeah! It's helped me alright... I've already lost my cardiologist and my endocrinologist due to the insurance companies cutting their payments to them...! I get to keep my insurance but NOT my doctors? ObamaCare is helping me right into the grave. Thank you! thank you very much! NOT!
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