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This agency has been out of control for decades and Congress has done NOTHING! The FBI hasn't been much better. Do not expect this to change.
What a lovely article. Thanks, Dr. Carson.
I live in Virginia and we also have not adopted Common Core. But I challenge you to go to your local school board office and ask to see the textbooks used in your schools. It is quite likely you will find something similar to what is detailed in this article. Then attend your school board meeting and tell them you don't like it. They will probably accuse you of trying to interfere with academic freedom.
Focusing on Common Core is not the real reason for much of the inappropriate and skewed lessons we are finding in the texts which have been approved. Rather, these texts and the information in them were there BEFORE Common Core. The only reason we are now hearing about them is the fact that they have been approved by Common Core. The history and politics being taught to our children has changed tremendously in the last 30 years and no one has been paying attention. The bulk of the changes have been advanced by leftist organizations and movements lead by the likes of Bill Ayers and Howard Zinn. I think it's great that we are finally paying attention but Common Core is not really the cause of it. It is just bringing it to light.
Nothing in the several "keep your plan" efforts will have any effect on the premium costs of the plans for 2014. That's the real problem after all the smoke clears. The premiums are up as they will be for ALL plans even employer sponsored ones and the deductibles are through the roof as well. Americans who supported this president and his stupid health care bill never in a million years thought this would be the price they would pay. And it doesn't matter if they have to pay it now or a year from now.
Kurt, you are way too optimistic. Supporters of leftist policies are so profoundly brain washed they will NEVER attribute failure to its actual causes. They will continue to blame those who disagree with them for everything they brought on themselves-witness the behavior of their idol-the man child pet rock president Barack Obama. I interact with these people daily and they are found in all age groups. When faced with evidence of the failure of these policies, they cover their ears and scream "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala". I never thought I would see such a thing in my own country. It simply is no longer recognizable.
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