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'Mommy Wars' a Trigger Issue With Women

Michael's Mind Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 12:28 PM
And so the truth finally comes out... Envy! It's not about Mrs. Romney, it's about her rich husband and her easy life becasue of it. Wasn't Envy one of the Seven Deadly Sins? and doesn't it say to not covet thy neighbors servant? Are you upset because Mrs. Romney has a servant and you don't? If you could trade places, would you?

As the White House scrambled Thursday to prevent "mommy wars" damage done by a Democratic advisor, one expert cautioned that politicians need to learn to communicate with women voters, who factor strongly in this presidential election.

"Most of the attention paid to them has been superficial, rather than substantive," Catherine Wilson, a Villanova University professor specializing in how women affect politics, said as Twitter chatter carried on the argument of whether a stay-at-home mother works as hard as a career woman.

Since 1980, more women have voted in presidential elections than men, said Sara Grove, another expert on women voters at...