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This nation used to prohibit a lot of acts that it now endorses. At the current rate, child sacrifices to appease the economic gods might become the norm. Oh wait it already has. We abort so that we can continue to earn more and consume more. The argument is already over. You live in the same world that was described in the bible, and God usually wiped those people out.
Being a confident Christian means that you don't feel the need to go out and confront evil and sin at every juncture. Had Jesus done that, He couldn't have travelled a third the distance that He did. He would have been bogged down with every step He took. Instead He chose who, when, where and how He would confront evil. Mr. Robertson seems to understand that too. He knows when to confront, and when to be patient and not confront evil. That shows me real Christian confidence. Thanks TH and Duck Dynasty
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Would They Be Proud?

Michael's Mind Wrote: Aug 07, 2013 1:34 PM
While Teachers unions might oppose vouchers, most good teachers just want the same classroom control that the private schools afford them. Let's face facts, no hard working parent that PAYS OUT OF THIER OWN POCKET ABOVE AND BEYOND THEIR TAXES, wants their child sitting in class with bad kids whose parents don't PARENT.
It was State loyalty before national loyalty. Read up on your history. The history before it was propagandistically rewritten. That is why the Consititution of the United States of America (United is and Adjective) states that powers not expressly given to the Federal Gov't belongs to the STATES!
The free loaders are the loser parents that do nothing to raise their kids but ship them to school and let the teachers do the raising. They feed them, and sometimes even cloth them because their loser parents won't. So stop your bitching mforti, and you go feed and cloth a kid, or push your government to force the parents to do so. That's not the schools job.
Those who chose to pass on their knowledge in hopes of improving the intellect of others are teachers. Calhoun211, you choose to impart your wisdom to those of us who visit TH. Therefore you are attempting to teach. Does this apply to you then, "Those who choose teaching are more than likely in the bottom 30% of the class. Its still true now that those who can, do. Those who can't teach."?
You need the Administrators to handle the union-bureaucracy. Getting rid of the union (and NEA) should reduce the size of the Admin.
Getting rid of sorry teachers benefits so many: Principals. What boss doesn't want to trade bad apples for good? Teachers. Who likes to work longer hours so that your lazy peers can leave at 3:05? Parents. We can dream again of having educated kids become self-sufficient adults who can move out and stay out before age 33 Students. We're not the idiots. We didn't hire these lazy loosers in the 1st place. Tax Payers. Do we really get to lower our taxes? Government. Because of smarter citizens; We get to lower taxes, promote job and business growth, which in turn produces more government revenue from all the private spending because of all the jobs
Actually, only the bad and lazy teachers will need to work harder to keep their jobs. The good teachers already work hard trying to bring kids, who spent a year in the lazy teacher's class, up to par. The good teachers won't have to work as hard now, but they will. That's what makes them so good.
Your belief that "Requiring" parents to be re-educated on how to discuss and respond to sexual deviancy and to accept sexual immorality, is akin to the Christians of long ago killing anyone who agued that the world was round. Is that really where you want to take us? What you suggest isn't very "liberating", it's more like the honor killing muslims do when their daughter disgraces them. Are you an Openly Gay Closet Muslim?
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