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"Bankrupting" Public Unions

Michael's Mind Wrote: Apr 02, 2012 5:05 PM
I'm no teacher, but believe me, it is a REAL JOB! Especially with all of the libtards procreating and sending their libtarded children to day care. By the way, I have a Mentally disabled child, who will be a more productive part of society than the libtarded kids ever will be. I also send him to school, meaning, I expect him to learn what the teacher is teaching, not daydreaming of growing up on welfare.

Distressed cities are finally doing what they should have been doing long ago, declaring bankruptcy to force concessions from public unions. Numbers are still a trickle, but at soon as a major city such as Oakland or LA selects that option, we will likely see a torrent of municipal bankruptcies.

At a packed, two-day conference on municipal woes sponsored by Michael Stanton, the publisher of The Bond Buyer Distressed Cities Discuss Bold Tactics in a New Fiscal Era.

The conference was devoted to a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the more powerful tools being used in many...

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