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Amazon is Obama's Mistress

Michael's Mind Wrote: Apr 24, 2012 1:06 PM
For 6 years now I have subcribed to an e-book company that was recently purchased by Amazon. I had noticed, even before this article was written, that the e-books being heavily advertised and highlighted on the "front page" were getting more and more left leaning and socialistic. This happened while the "get it done/personal help" books were no longer displayed on the front page. Now it makes sense.

President Obama has a mistress. Her name is Amazon. Whereas former Presidents Kennedy and Clinton rendezvoused with female interns, Obama rendezvous with an e-commerce company.

Amazon currently monopolizes e-book sales, controlling 60 percent of the market. And, like a jealous lover, Obama is suing Amazon’s competitors in order to further strengthen her e-book monopoly. Obama may be faithful to his wife, but he is breaking his vow to the American people to defend the Constitution. He is openly abusing his executive powers and giving preferential treatment to Amazon—hoping to curry favor with consumers and ensure his reelection in November.