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She is about as good a liar as she was a Secretary of State.
lbs2 are you sure that colleges have that low of a percentage of Liberal college professors?
It is becoming clearer and clearer that Obama is just in it for the free golf.
She was a non event for me a long time ago. Over exposure is just the latest softening of the crash.
I am sure that CNN, one of the lap dog media outlets to Obama, had a real hard time with this poll.
I stopped voting for Democrats back in the 60's and I can not understand why anyone over the age of 21 would think voting for a Democrat is a good idea.
The state of the United States at this point really does not need another eight (8) years of Socialist governing. Hillary, like Barack is a fan of Saul Alinsky and his "Hand Book for Radicals". There has to be a prayer to ward off evil.
We can pray for her soul and thank God that we have been not enlighten enough to join the religion of peace. "cough"
If this child's father was murdered because of his faith in Jesus does that not make him a martyr and a saint?
Quid pro Quo, Boehner should tell Pelosi he will appoint as many Democrats to the Benghazi committee as Pelosi appointed Republicans to the ACA committee.
I am beginning to dislike Boehner as much as I do Obama. Why do Republicans who get elected quickly run Left???
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