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With the Obamas spending millions of tax payers money on vacations during these are times and endless regulations by Democrats (and some Republicans) it is a great mystery to me that anyone would vote for a Liberal regardless of who they are. As we have seen from the POTUS that what you say is not what you mean; also known as lying.
As a gay person I can honestly say I am ashamed of some antics of the gay community. Banners and signs that say "Coexist" and the like are lies. If a baker does not wish to make a cake for their "gay wedding" ( an oxymoron), they want to put the baker out of business. That is their idea of "coexist". Shameful.
Why in God's Name would anyone with half a brain want another Alinskyite for another eight (8) years? America as we USE to know it will be only a happy memory if she or any other Democrat gets to be president 2016.
Chris spin this one:
In the Pre Civil War South it was against the law to teach Blacks/Slaves how to read or write. So keep them uneducated so they can not think through the slavery they are still in.
History lesson for the NYC public schools: In Communist Russia a/k/a USSR. All schools were State run and all Text were approved by the State and all teachers were appointed by the State. Apparently this State control is due to show up in NYC schools ASAP.
The Pope spoke against attacking Liberal pols since he is also Liberal. South Americans are very comfortable with Socialism/Communism and Dictators, so it is not a great stretch that Pope France would be accepting of abortion advocates. People who flee tyranny in South America come to the USA and vote for the same type of government they just fled.
As a self proclaimed Roman Catholic Theologian, this has to be one of Mrs. Pelosi's highest achievements .
I failed spelling: True not Ture.
Ture jrpublic; Our principal, sans secretary, did it alone in a grammar school of K-8 and she had the Lunch period to cover. We went to high school knowing how to read and write and add and most of all, how to respect others and our elders.
There are schools in NYC that spend way more than $11,000. per student and there is little to show for it. Those kids who want to learn do and the rest don't. Why are we not sending students who want to learn to schools that have culled out the trouble makers and the indifferent? The law says all students must have access to an education but when you have one or two or more kids in the class disrupting the learning then NO ONE is getting an education. Liberals are truly screwed up.
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