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Reading JR's taking-apart of lefties on Sundays is a highlight of the day, along with Dale, Jr. + Packers wins. It's a bit hard to fathom that he would choose this week, of all weeks, to re-run a column? Hello, McFly? We won huge on Tuesday night. Surely there was plenty of progressive hang-wringing and whining to reply to this week? I for one, am relishing the meltdowns at MSLSD and of progressives here. Just would've loved to see John doing the same is all.
Let's not forget that the Teleprompter's home-town has legions of experts at stealing elections. I'm guessing there's a planeload departing O'Hare, heading to Anchorage after a quick stop in Minneapolis.
Works for me. Sessions is awesome, too.
She's a pretty attractive package, isn't see? Looks, political bent, philosophy, voice, hair-style. Perfect leader for the democrat party.
Now, if we could only get Trey Gowdy as Speaker, and Ted Cruz as Majority Leader. Sit back and enjoy the popcorn and show.
Riiiiiiiiiiiiight - and who's whining now?
Is there a blanket suicide-watch on over at MSLSD? Are Mika and the morning Schmoe (all Levin terms: hat-tip) experiencing vapors?
GW, your execrable harangues of libertarians aside, I'm not advocating impeachment, for political reasons. The fascist teleprompter is indeed guilty of numerous violations of the Constitution, but I don't see impeachment/conviction as a viable solution. It's just going to be an ugly 2 years.
When the Democrat Party knocked GW back badly in 2006, the president "accepted" the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, as part of acknowledging the country had spoken (wrongly, in my mind, I might add). The country spoke dramatically last night that The Teleprompter is taking us in the wrong direction, yet I heard a story yesterday, that he plans to come out today with bold initiatives. This malignant narcissist may indeed issue an executive order giving blanket amnesty to millions of illegals (read: future Democrat party voters) between now and January. Will the Republicans have the stones to do something about it? What can they do? Yes, impeachment sounds lovely to us, but is that realistic?
And it's worse than spam, those sites often lead to virus infections. I have no idea about whether TH can screen them out. I rather doubt they're making $$s off these scams.
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