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"...there was a lot of intensity and blood in the movie." Umm, perhaps you missed the fact that it is a movie about war. I didn't serve, but I'm pretty sure war includes a lot of both, so I wasn't terribly surprised to find them in the movie. I'd strongly recommend you do see the movie, for a host of reasons. The country sent young men and women into a terribly difficult situation, and if nothing else, the movie should make us all think a lot before we do so again. For me, we should primarily think about idiotic ROEs that prolong war and suffering and cost, to assuage prog cowards throughout the world, especially in the media and in Europe. If we're going to send our heroes, give them EVERYthing we have to utterly defeat the enemy. The movie didn't idolize killing. It idolized the courage of those who serve. It also reminded those who saw it, of the terrible cost to those who survive, along with their families. In the end, it demonstrated the cost to those who perish, whether it be on the battlefield or in the aftermath.
Send in Hans Blix?
His being raised by hippies apparently left him with a shortcoming.
Boo hoo. I stand by my comment.
Thank you for your service Major Kid, and to all vets here.
I hope we are not trying to establish "democracy" throughout the world. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner, as the saying goes. What we established in Japan and Germany were constitutional republics, guaranteeing the rights of the minority too. Given Islam's treatment of non-Muslims, I'd say that's pretty important. Then we stuck around long enough for the respective republics to get on their feet. (We've certainly stayed too long at too much cost to the US taxpayer). Fortunately back then, we didn't have today's Democrat Party around to quit the job before it was done. The waste of lives and treasure now in Iraq and Afghanistan after all our military sacrificed is abhorrent to me.
"In like manner, Muslims living in the remnants of a free society in America are hardworking, ambitious, ethical people." What say you about how completely non-integrated European Muzzies are in what are also free societies? I'd say it's more a question of numbers - there are far higher percentages of Muzzies throughout Europe, and they a collectively pariahs.
I saw the movie on opening day, and thought is was very well done. When it ended, I had tears streaming down my face and feelings of profound sadness. Took hours to feel a bit better. As Mark says above, anyone not so moved might want to check for a heartbeat.
Perhaps with a chainsaw?
Right, Eric. And then there is that great orator Joe Biden to consider.
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