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Where is the "Flag as Insufferably-Stupid" button? Let me ask you, Ken. If Israel stopped fighting, what would happen to Israel? It would be obliterated, with the wanton genocide of the Jews. Conversely, what would happen if Hamas stopped fighting and accepted Israel's right -to-exist? There would be peace, and Israel would help the Gazans build a functioning civil society.
He should stay in the cart. The only celebrity with a worse golf swing is Charles Barkley. Does 0bama wear his mom-jeans on the course?
Amen - don't enter any fight that we're not willing to commit to, totally. Anything less than all-out war is the height of immorality. These half-measures cause more civilian suffering through prolonging the effort. Half-measures = half-arsed results.
How this POS is still in office, is a travesty. He has to be the worst AG in the republic's history.
That's a lot of stupidity crammed into one paragraph there, Skippy. The Kurds are the good guys with a functioning civil society with respect for both human rights and respect of law. They're saving the poor Yazidis from the atrocity that is ISIL. Leave it to a Lefty to attribute helping our allies with helping "gun manufacturers". Your tin-foil hat appears to have a couple of holes in it.
...Flatulence replied smugly, confirming the column's premise.
Is it just me, or does Barney appear to be contemplating where to put that gavel?
You came here trying to refute Ransom's points, Goober. The onus is on you to provide substantiation. You can't because you're making it up in a Kool-Aid induced trance.
That's an amazing level-of-delusion in 3 paragraphs there, Skippy.
The Arab Spring, managed by the great and powerful 0bama.
And then the pillorying towers of jello at my alma mater there, caved in to PC and retired the greatest mascot in college sports - Chief Illiniwek. My alma mater will never get one dime from this alum.
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