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This was a reply to Spirit of 67.
Once again, nothing to back up your "claims".
Comrade, the problems of the black community lie within its culture. The solution can only come from within. To posit that a horrific incident by a couple of scumbags years ago, is the primary problem of black folks is willful blindness to the real issues.
Daft, what we're asking for is that people take responsibility for their actions. Conservatives give far more to charity than Progressives to provide a means to better lives. We are tired of paying for the pathologies and the lack of responsibility of the underclass via taxation that does NOTHING to solve the underlying problems. Indeed, the "Great" Society has enabled and exacerbated those pathologies. Your cheap shot about Cheney is beneath contempt.
Dyadd, our new friend Daft has already demonstrated he has no interest in backing up any of his "claims" with actual facts.
Other than RINOs McLame and Grahamnesty, can you cite more Republicans wanting to oust Assad, especially now? Of course you can't because you've clearly demonstrated that you pull "facts" out of thin air, rather like the space between your ears.
Yes, we've all seen the "tolerance for the TEA Party" you folks have for us, over on MSLSD (hat-tip to Levin).
He's a complete fool too, B.
I think you're mistyping your name there, Daft. Are you really trying to put forth the idea that "right wing terrorism" is right up there with the crime and violence committed by black culture and Islamism, in terms of societal problems? You might want to get your meds adjusted.
You have posted two rather outrageous claims here, yet provide no backup. Please provide your sources.
What kind of idiot posts in all caps these days? Let me guess, you're on AOL dial-up?
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