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Um: 49% of Republicans Think the 2012 Election Was Stolen?

Michael IL Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 1:38 AM
No matter how the political pundits armchair quarter back the failure of Romney to legitimately win the White House and point fingers at each other, one obvious fact is not being discussed. That is, Romney ran an exemplary campaign, that Obama's abysmal record should have and may very well have cost him the election except for political chicanery across the country. By every analysis America is a center right Nation, all poles leading up to the election had Romney ahead of Obama on each and every issue except foreign policy which if the facts had come out would have definitively nailed Obama's campaign coffin shut. Further 57% OF Americans believed the Nation was headed in the wrong direction during the months prior to the election.
Michael IL Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 1:42 AM
Republicans were charged up with Republican early voting surpassing Democratic voters in every state.

Then viola on Election Day we are to believe that 3 million Republicans less showed up to the polls for Romney than did McCain four years earlier…nonsense.

I'm sorry but the numbers just do not comport. With all indicators pointing towards a Romney win how could Obama so handily beat the odds on Election Day?

Simple answer; voter fraud. This is why the Holder DOJ worked diligently to thwart efforts at voter ID, to win a second Obama term at any cost.
garin Wrote: Dec 05, 2012 2:05 AM
It's possible,

Lets ask state by state, county by county,

Where's the proof either way ?

Yes, we lost. But I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say that ACORN stole the election, do you?

PPP's first post election national poll finds that Republicans are taking the results pretty hard...and also declining in numbers.

49% of GOP voters nationally say they think that ACORN stole the election for President Obama. We found that 52% of Republicans thought that ACORN stole the 2008 election for Obama, so this is a modest decline, but perhaps smaller than might have been expected given that ACORN doesn't exist anymore.

Some GOP voters are so unhappy with the...