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True the Vote Files Lawsuit Against Supervisor of Elections Over Mishandling of Allen West Recount

Michael IL Wrote: Feb 04, 2013 12:48 PM
Systemic failure of the vote tabulating process is sugar coating what occurred in St. Lacie County. What we witnessed was blatant voter fraud with as much as 158% voter turnout in one voting district. The average turnout for Democratically controlled St. Lucie was 140% turnout of the registered voters which to even the most partisan observer should be statistically impossible. This practice was repeated in urban areas across the nation and examples abound of blatant voter fraud, from observers being ejected from poling places to President Obama receiving 100% of the vote in 100's of voting districts. Voters who used the electronic vote tabulating machines claim to have their vote for Romney changed to a vote for Obama.

Voter integrity group True the Vote (TTV) filed a federal lawsuit Monday against St. Lucie County Florida Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker for failing to uphold election law and for failing to enforce record inspection rights under the National Voter Registration Act and the Florida Constitution. The lawsuit has been filed in light of the gross mishandling of the recount between Rep. Allen West and now Rep. Patrick Murphy by St. Lucie County election officials.

"True the Vote's lawsuit will provide information kept from the public. It will allow for a public debate on exactly what happened, why...