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Obama Administration Issues Bogus "Compromise" on Birth Control Mandate

Michael IL Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 3:30 PM
We are forced to pay for the benefit of others in other ares of interest to society. ie. Public Education which just about all will agree benefits a society as a whole to have a literate populous. Ok, bad example but you catch my drift. Part of the problem which has developed over time is the Legislative and Executive Branches of Government have gotten far too generous with our money pandering to one interest group or another in order to secure their support. The other part of the problem is we now have a permanent moocher class who feel its perfectly fine to pluck another man's pocket.

The Obama administration is offering a bogus compromise on its ObamaCare contraception mandate as it tries to get out from underneath a mountain of lawsuits citing religious freedom.

The so-called compromise announced by Health and Human Services Friday shows that "religious" employers such as hospitals and charities can get out of the mandate while religious businesses such as Hobby Lobby are still stuck with providing for coverage and free birth control for employees.

Exemption for Religious Employers

Group health plans of “religious employers” are exempted from having to provide contraceptive coverage, if they...