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Democrats: 1% Cut In Food Stamp Funding Is "Stealing"

Michael IL Wrote: Feb 01, 2014 7:11 PM
juddlawrie and loserinfinty, Where have you heard it voiced or penned that Conservatives are eager to go to war with Iran? Every war the US was involved in during the 20th century was under a Democratic President. WW I - Wilson WW II - FDR Korean - Truman Viet Nam - Kennedy Other than McCain who has just been censured by his own party I can think of none. If any have moved the nation closer to war its this Administration in removing sanctions against Iran for pursuing its nuclear enrichment program for the promise that they would suspend it. Now where have we seen that strategy before? Try Bubba Clinton who employed the same diplomacy with North Korea who of course did not suspend there program and developed a nuclear bomb right under our noses. Wasn't it your side that said give sanctions a chance before Bush got US involved in IRAQ? So why the sudden change in attitude? Could it be because your guy occupies the Oval Office? Hypocrisy hath a name, it is Democrat.