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These same leftist twits were defending freedom of speech when the movie depicting the assassination of George W. Bush was released.
It took 45 years and the efforts of multiple Administrations to win the Cold War with the Soviet Union it took the stroke of a pen to lose it with Cuba.
Hemera Wrote: This isn't capitulation at all. This policy hasn't worked or brought about the downfall of communism in Cuba in more than 50 years. Opening diplomatic relations and and influx of American cash and tourists will bring about the downfall just like Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of glasnost brought about perestroika and helped bring about the fall of the Soviet Union. The more the Cuban people are exposed to capitalist ideas and economics the sooner they will abandon communism and demand real change. Isolating the island has allowed communism to fester in a bubble. Raul has already made baby steps towards capitalism by allowing farmers to sell their goods at markets for the first time in 50 years. It will be all downhill for communism in Cuba from here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You couldn't be more off point, It took forty-five years to win the Cold War and finally a concerted campaign to outspend the Russians militarily that brought down the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall. Read Reagan's letters to Makhail Gobachev, they are enlightening. Reagan sold democracy to Gorbachev and in the face to face meetings with Gorby in Reykjavik in 1985.. Everyone was concerned that RR was going to give away the store in those negotiations; in the end he walked away from the bargaining table with everything he wanted. You make it sound like Communism a lifestyle choice and the Cubans just don't know any better. That simply through association with the US democracy will rub off. Are the Chinese any better off since Kissinger and Nixon normalized relations with the Chicoms? Just look at how the Chicoms are treating the inhabitants of the only bastion of Free Markets and Capitalism in Hong Cong. Sure our businesses have access to the Chinese markets a cheap Chinese labor but is the average Chinese resident much better off. Though exponentially better than the Norks the Chicoms have a repressive form of government with strict controls on information and many of the things Americans simply take for granted. Until there are free Democratic elections in Cuba it will be more of the same for Cuban citizens with the flow of money funneled to those in power. I just don't see democracy taking root in Cuba without outside influence and now that we've abandoned the Cuban people those odds are even more unlikely. Obama has not freed cuba he is enriching its leaders.
Yes. Fidel Castro is on his death bed and Raul is not as strong, not as charismatic as his brother. The carrot and stick approach is more effective than the carte blanche normalization in exchange for nothing.
Application of Obama logic would have had the US capitulate to the Soviets as the Cold War was coming to a close. This unilateral decision has no historical perspective of the decades long conflict with Communism since its emergence in the Western hemisphere. According to the President he has just abandoned 'the failed policies of the past' where in reality he has condemned the Cuban people to .life under tyranny in perpetuity.
Hopefully the first order of business for the newly elected Congress is the replacement of John Boehner as Majority Speaker.
It would appear the Aussies know how to deal with jihadist terrorists. Were this an occurrence in the US the police would be admonished, forced into sensitivity training with reparations paid to the perpetrators family. Shortly thereafter protests would break out with protesters carrying placards reading: "Arab Lives Matter".
What absolute morons. Bring attention to your cause by vandalizing a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
What McCain experienced in the Hanoi Hilton was torture. What the CIA did to KSM was not even remotely torture. McCain is equating what the CIA did with his own experience. I have never heard McCain berate his captors the way our Democrats have our own CIA for acts not even remotely similar in nature.
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