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First off Corporate Tax is a misnomer, corporations do not actually pay taxes as the company calculates it as part of the cost of doing business which is ultimately passed on to the consumer in the price of goods or services rendered. In order to compete in what is now a world economy businesses have to seek out every competitive advantage. Reducing a company's tax obligation positions the company to better compete by lowering its prices to the consumer and yes increasing profit, a responsibility every corporation has to its shareholders. Politicians who have never run anything are incapable of grasping this concept, deluded in the belief that success in business is automatic not earned. Increasingly the bureaucrats view all money as the government's and how much we get to keep becomes government's domain. Listen to President Obama's remarks in the lead up to the 2012 elections; "If you've got a business—you didn't build that,..." The implication being that without the hand of government no business is possible, where in actuality too much government is making business increasing difficult if not impossible in these United States. According to a recent article from the Brookings Instution New business start-ups are at a 30 year low and small to medium businesses are closing at a record pace. As large business moves operations out of the US we can expect these trends to continue. The way to promote a vibrant economy is not to tax business out of existence or out of the country. The role of government is to create the conditions for a vibrant economy a reduction or the complete elimination of corporate taxes should be the goal if we are to put people back to work. What we are seeing now is the exact opposite policy positions eminating from the White House and Congress. Reagan stated the case best; "...a rising tide lifts all boats."
The flight from Blue States may be viewed as a cancer spreading across the Nation, or it may be as in the case of Detroit the producers are leaving to friendlier economic climes, no longer willing to be fleeced by liberal politicians through confiscatory taxing, over regulation and abusive fines implemented to fill State and municipal coffers.
She may very well be a paid troll. The government has been hiring individuals to blog advancement of the liberal agenda To offset opposing views and help shape public opinion.
From "Not a smidgeon of corruption..." To, "The emails were lost after a computer crash..." To, "No laws were broken..." To, "It would be too hard...." To, There is apparently no end to the lies, deceit and refusal to comply with Congressional subpoenas. What continues to amaze is the MSM's refusal to report anything whatsoever that has the potential to tarnish what is left of this Administration's reputation.
Ironic isn't it that the majority of voters believed Obama to be more empathetic and in touch with the problems of the everyday man than Mitt Romney. Who say's you can't fool most of the people most of the time. This charlatan has made a cottage industry out of lying and fooling his constituents. The question therefore becomes at what point does his deceit and lying become pathological?
The Democrat Party and its liberal policies have undermined the black nuclear family. The irony is in the black community's dutiful obligation to the Democrat Party and any independent black who decries the injury is labeled Uncle Tom, Oreo or worse. Black Conservatives don't even have a voice at the NAACP, so loyal is that organization's subservience to their Democrat overlords.
A Grand Jury composed of partisan members just indicted Gov. Rick Perry, its no indication of the outcome.
The Barrack Obama Administration, fanning the flames of racial unrest for political gain once more.
By sending Holder to Ferguson and focusing White House attention on a matter that is a local concern the implication Obama makes is that a black man can't get a fair shake in America. Ever the political opportunists the White House and Democrats will exploit this incident ad nuaseum. Meanwhile 7 young black men were killed in Chicago over the weekend at the hands of other blacks. Yet from the media and Democrats....crickets.
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