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Get back to work, thousands of government workers are dependent upon you. Forego that new car, put off that vacation, put in for overtime so that government may continue to waste your hard earned tax dollars unabated. And to all you Tea Party taxed enough already patriots; "You're all racists."
Family and business interests have kept me here. I'm now ready to divest myself of all business concerns and start over elsewhere. The family will always be welcome.
If Quinn wins re-election it's farewell for this Illinoisan. And on another observation about Democrat voter's willingness to reward incompetence. Ron White was right, "You can't fix stupid."
The Obama Administration's PR campaign for ISIS amounts to nothing less than aid and comfort to an enemy. Someone needs to call this out for what it is; TREASON.
Agreed, but under the right leadership all of Obama's accomplishments shall be relegated to the ash heap of history, and rightly so. Having survived the Carter years where we had double digit inflation, unemployment and interest rates, Reagan was able to turn the Nation around in two years. My favorite Reagan quote, "a rising tide lifts all boats".
A simple question. "Are we any better off as a Nation or individually than we were six years ago?" By any metric the answer is unequivocally 'No'. I challenge any Obama sycophant or hagiographer to point to any accomplishment which has made us safer, stronger or more secure. The man entered office without accomplishment and shall leave the same way.
...and we have a press that refuses to hold them to account.
'Obama said he was not "philosophically opposed" to the idea[travel ban], but that in practice it would be counterproductive, driving travelers underground and hindering screening of potential Ebola carriers. Still, polls showed the idea had popular appeal.' What pure and utter nonsense. How exactly will a travel ban from Nations plagued with Ebola outbreaks force people underground? We do not have contiguous borders with any African Nation so how are potentially infected travelers going to sneak into the country? By raft or rowboat? Ultra-lite aircraft? Swim the distance? This Administration never stops to think how completely stupid and incompetent they appear.
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

Michael IL Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 3:56 PM
The only event in which the Dem's hold onto the Senate is if we see a repeat of 2012 where libertarian voters stay away in droves because Romney wasn't Conservative enough. Well, Libertarians; "How well did that strategy work? Does anyone really think with a Romney Administration in place at this point the Nation would be in such a poor condition?" Another way is as in a race where the Conservative Independent Rob Maness could cost the Republicans a Senate seat is Louisiana. In polling Congressman Bill Cassidy is ahead of Dem incumbent Mary Landrieu 52-43, but when Maness is added, it's Landrieu 41, Cassidy 38, Maness 14. What's more Sarah Palin has gone all in for Maness who stands a snowball's chance in he// of winning. All he could do is force a runoff between Cassidy and Landrieu which would be positively vicious. If Landrieu were to win the run-off then its two more years of Harry Reid and Obama's scorched Earth policies for the US. If anyone knows Maness or Sarah persuade them to take one for the country and bow out.
In each case Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza and James Holmes or the families leaned left.
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