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But its OK with Mohamed to hump a goat or child.
So there's no use complaining, for words, spouting off in empty sound and fury, are useless and worthless. Only the refusal to obey the edicts of this evil anti-American and his minions have any hope of doing any good. That's an individual choice. It's the choice our Founding Fathers made, upon which they pledged their wealth, their honor, and their very lives. With that choice, they created our American birthright of freedom which we will throw away unless we choose as they did. They chose with courage. We must do the same. Either that, or keep paying the wages of white guilt - forever. The demands for payment will never stop - and they will never stop escalating. Think about that last point long and hard. The fascist demands for more of your freedom and more degradation of our culture will always continue to grow until there is a massive enough rebellion against them to shut them down. Rebel or obey, liberty or death, freedom or slavery. It's come down to that now. We must stop paying the wages of white guilt.
THE WAGES OF WHITE GUILT Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler Everything you are seeing right now with America coming apart at the seams at the hands of this Affirmative Action President has one and only one cause: they are the wages of white guilt. The one and only reason this evil, contemptible America-hating fascist has not been impeached for treason, the only reason anyone paid any attention to him whatever such that he was accepted to Harvard, made Editor of the Harvard Law Review, allowed to teach a course at Columbia, ran for Illinois State Senator, ran for Illinois US Senator, ran for the Dem presidential nomination, excused for attending a racist church for 20 years that prayed for God to damn America, got elected president, and re-elected president is the color of his skin. Absolutely none of this whatever would have happened if his skin were white. The only reason the media licks his boots and never vetted him - not even demanding his college transcripts or examining his life with the slightest professional journalism - is the color of his skin. The media would have laughed at his pretentiousness from the get-go if his skin were white. The only reason the Republicans wimp out to him at every turn is the color of his skin. The only reason tens of millions of patriotic decent Americans have not risen in outright rebellion against his fascist lawlessness is the color of his skin. All of this horror are the wages of white guilt. It is far past time Americans stopped paying them. For Americans to say, "No more guilt." For Americans to stop judging this evil man by the color of his skin, but to take Martin Luther King Jr.s advice and judge him by the content of his character - which is Zero. The most obvious observation it is possible to make about America today is that its president does not love it. Yet when Rudy Giuliani says the equivalent of the sky is blue, a torrent of vilification and death threats pours down upon him. I of course am overjoyed that he's pointing out what TTP has been saying since 2008. What TTP has also been saying for years is that the headlines you see chronicling the unceasing on-going ruination of America are going to keep getting worse - until there is mass country-wide civil disobedience against them. Mass civil disobedience against Zero's fascist rules, regulations, and those of his fascist Justice Department.
Kerry quips, “It was odd, if not unique, that we learned of it from the speaker of the House and that an administration was not included in this process," he said. "But the administration is not seeking to politicize this.” A little Government lesson for Sec. Kerry, "The Constitution's first three articles created three co-equal branches of government: the legislative (Congress), executive (headed by the President), and judicial (Supreme Court and lower federal courts)." The President is permitted to run roughshod over the Constitution enacting regulations and governing by executive fiat. But how dare Congress invite the leader of a trusted ally to speak without first seeking permission from Emperor Obama, who incidentally has had his minions meeting with Netanyahu's opponents in an effort to undermine his re-election.
And how about the diseases spreading around the Nation introduced by illegals entering the country? “We are starting to see chicken pox, MRSA staph infections, scabies, we are starting to see different viruses like measles make a reappearance in the US. Completely eradicated in the US in the eighties measles is now in a dozen states across the Nation. Having traveled to Africa and South America I know one can't leave the country without displaying an immunization card. The same applies to entry into any country of destination in Africa or South America. But in the interest of political correctness no one is permitted to inspect the health of illegals for whom our President has rolled out the Red Carpet.
It's not just O'Reilly and Fox News the left is after its Conservatives and Republicans. The smear merchants are already targeting Scott Walker as they will all Republican Presidential hopefuls. Their bonafides will be under intense scrutiny from not only Soros funded groups but the Media at large and Democrats, all orchestrated by the Obama Administration. After all he has his signature piece of legislation and a legacy to protect and anyone who threatens those is the enemy.
The greatest crime perpetrated by the President and the Democrats is the loss of economic freedom for too many. The ability to find work, provide for one's self and family and save for one's future is now strained to the limit. The President's collectivist scheme coupled with reckless spending borrowing and printing of fiat money is depriving many of the opportunity of self reliance. This Utopian nightmare in which he would supplant free market economics with a European Socialist style society is wiping out the middle class with many today living pay check to pay check. And with many of the policies enacted over the last six years designed to keep a majority of the populous dependent upon government and Democrats in power in perpetuity its going to be an uphill battle to undo the damage. That said, with the right person in the Oval Office prosperity could once more be around the corner. Ron Reagan did it in one term by unleashing the power and ingenuity of the American people. Its in our DNA to desire freedom and prosperity. Opportunity is our birth right and true to our heritage Americans cannot remove these political carpetbaggers from both sides of the aisle soon enough.
The West needs to start monitoring mosques followed by prosecution and deportation of these radical Imams who preach this Wahabist form of Islam. But on a personal note I'm not certain what sort of individual buys into that sort of BS, for if my priest ever denigrated or preached hatred of other individuals or groups I would be out of my pew in a heartbeat. My moral compass would never permit me to stand still for such nonsense. Then again what does it say about the religion of Islam as a whole. Its estimated that 25-30% of Muslims support the actions of the radicals among their ranks. As for me if 30% of my fellow Catholics were bent upon perpetrating mayhem and destruction I wouldn't be proud of being Catholic and would leave its ranks. Why don't we see a similar response among the devotees of Islam?
McConnell couldn't negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag!
Pathetic doesn't begin to describe the treachery unfolding in Congress. The Republicans can kiss 2016 goodbye. If they will renege on a campaign promise to de-fund Obama's un-Constitutional amnesty edict, what reason do we have to ever believe them again.
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