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Issa made his fortune by selling car alarms. The first was called Steal Stopper, followed by The Viper. I've had Congressmen tell me they were convinced that Issa stole the patents of both. I have no idea if this is true. What I do know is that some of Issa's Pub colleagues believe it's true. What I also know is that if Pubs in Congress are saying this about Issa, Dems have heard it - and have relayed it to Holder Injustice and the Zero West Wing. Thus it is entirely plausible that Issa is being blackmailed by Holder and Zero to make a great show of sound and fury but that his Committee actually accomplish nothing of a real threat to them whatever. Or else, the DOJ and the Enemedia will utterly destroy his life. I do not know for certain if this blackmail is taking place. What I do know is that the GOP House leadership including Boehner believes it is, and further, they are totally fed up and disgusted with Issa, no matter what the reason for his total failure. They don't care if he is stupid, incompetent, being blackmailed, whatever. They want him gone. The safest bet you can make in DC now is that he won't be Chairman of Oversight when the 114th Congress convenes on January 3, 2015. He won't be chairman of anything. That's how much he's despised now. Who will take his place running Oversight? Trey Gowdy would be a good bet. Gowdy is fearless. He won't be blackmailed. He'll go after the whole Zero Scandal Sheet hammer and tongs - like he's doing with Benghazi. Issa is history. 2015 may be a very good year.
Repeated willful refusal to comply with the law. And so much more - such as the disenabling of credit card verification for Obama Campaign website donations in both 2008 and 2012, allowing anyone with fictitious names or from a foreign country to donate with no limit and no proof of identity. No one to this day knows what percentage of Zero's campaign funds were donated illegally. The plethora of scandals has resulted in street art. When Zero showed up for his billionth fundraiser, this one a $32,000-a-plater held at the LA home of Shonda Rhimes, appropriately the producer of an ABC show entitled Scandal, the entire neighborhood was plastered with Obama Scandal Posters on park benches like this: o_scandal_poster.png So - with the humongous smorgasbord of scandals set before him to devour, what has House Oversight Chairman Issa accomplished? Nothing. Not one single success of exposure. Look at that list above. Has anyone been found responsible, have they been removed from office, indicted, prosecuted? No, no one. It is a record on unblemished failure. The question is Why? Is Issa that room temperature IQ stupid? Is he that ludicrously incompetent? Has he been bribed? Unlikely on all three. He's smart and competent enough to run an extremely successful business. He's rich enough that no bribe large enough could tempt him. There's one other possibility: that he's being blackmailed. Zero's Gangster Government is certainly capable of it. A legion of conservatives, for example, is convinced that it's the only explanation for the incomprehensible last-minute-switch decision of Chief Justice John Roberts to uphold Obamacare. Google "John Roberts"+"blackmail" and you'll get 58,000 hits. The principal suspicion is it's in regard to the allegedly illegal adoption of his Irish-born children. And certainly Issa has a long history of indictments and accusations of criminality. The LA Times detailed it when Issa was running for the Senate in 1998: "Issa's Rags-to-Riches Has Some Ugly Chapters." Ugly, indeed. It's worth reading entire. I've had more than one Congressman tell me the story of how Issa quadrupled the insurance on his building two weeks before it suspiciously burned down - investigators determined it was set by poured gasoline.
IS DARRELL ISSA BEING BLACKMAILED? Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler I first met Darrell Issa on Halloween. He was a freshman Congressman in 2001, and he came to a Halloween Party my wife and I had at our home in McLean, Virginia. Two of his California colleagues, both good friends of ours, brought him. I make the world's greatest eggnog and it was served liberally. Given the crowd, the conversation naturally turned to politics and geopolitics. We were having a merry libational time solving the world's problems when the subject of Israel came up. Issa, who had been quiet, launched into a passionate plea for the Palestinian Arab "Right of Return." John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and I instantly glanced at each other, for we both well knew this was code for advocating the extinction of Israel. My ever-vigilant bride Rebel noticed, realized the conversation could go quickly sideways, and deftly changed the subject. Given this introduction, it came as little surprise to me that, one month later (11/30/01) conservative columnist Debbie Schlussel denounced Issa as "Jihad Darrell" for his public support of Hezbollah and Yasser Arafat. As a freshman, Issa was touted as "the richest man in Congress" - which he still is, with a net worth of over $355 million. That money, adroitly spent on generous campaign donations to one's colleagues, enables you to ascend the Congress power hierarchy. Which is why, when the Pubs got their majority back in January 2011, he was anointed as Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. That means he has the authority to fully investigate any illegal act committed by government officials, including the president, to issue subpoenas, to have people indicted for perjury during sworn testimony, and fully expose their corruption to the world. The list of impeachable, illegal, and corrupt offenses committed by Zero and members of his administration is longer and more substantial than any in the history of our country. They leave Watergate in the dust. Any one of these should have led to imprisonment of those who committed them: Fast and Furious. Solyndra and other crony capitalist payoffs. Spying on the Associated Press. NSA spying on all Americans. IRS targeting of conservatives. IRS coverup and lying about lost emails. The VA. Benghazi. Holder Perjury. Lerner Perjury. Pigford. Illegal Alien Invasion. Unconstitutional Executive Orders.
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Your 'To Do' List to Save America

Michael IL Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:11 PM
I frequently find reading these threads disappointing, especially when the topic turns to our Vichy Republican friends. I would categorize myself a Rothbardian Conservative on all matters except National Security/Foreign Policy issues. (That is a topic for another day.) As such I embrace the Tea Party Movement as no Party exists at this time vote Republican. One of the fatal flaws we Tea Partiers exhibit is the demand for candidates to be lock step Conservative on all measures, labeling anyone who departs on any issue as RINO or worse. Its this kind of thinking which delivered to Obama a second term in the White House. It wasn't that Obama won the battle in the arena of ideas, it was that enough Conservatives believed Romney just wasn't Conservative enough and decided to sit the 2012 election cycle out. Principles are fine and sticking to one's principles has merit, but in the final analysis pragmatism must trump principles. I would rather have a man in office who agrees and votes my principles 50% of the time then never. I will then invest what energy I have left convincing him that he should vote with me 100% of the time.
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Is DWS Getting Fired?

Michael IL Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 9:50 AM
Though Washerwomen-Shultz hyperbole may seemed over the top the tactic is being used in Democratic campaigns across the country. After helping school districts in Wisconsin get out from under the yolk of outrageous insurance rates controlled by the Union's Insurance Company, returning many districts budgets to the black and returning half a billion dollars in tax cuts to the taxpayers Scott Walker is now polling neck and neck with Mary Burke. Likewise in IOWA the Democrats have been pouring money into a smear campaign against Joni Ernst, and its working. She is now in a dog fight against her liberal gaffer opponent Bruce Braley. This is why Obama has been campaigning so vigorously across the Nation because if the Republicans take the Senate and hold Congress he's toast and he knows it.
It used to be a great state until Chicago politicians took over thirty years ago. Now they're doing the same to the Nation.
This is why I want to leave Illinois.
Hayes is probably in his jail cell 24 hours a day for his own protection. Convicted child rapists are generally not safe in prison. Were he among the general prison population he would likely receive the swift justice he deserves.
WJF if you still have my email address contact me because I've lost yours. I would like to forward a couple of Jack Wheeler's articles that speak to this very subject.
With funding funneling into ISIS from Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia among other middle east allies its difficult to picture a coalition of moderate Middle East nations to confront and put an end to ISIS. Islam is nothing more than a political and military construct posing as a religion and its true followers are committed to establishing a caliphate. Until we comprehend that we will be fighting a losing battle in what amounts to merely putting out fires around the globe.
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