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The Root Political Reporter Implies Paul Ryan’s Black College Girlfriend Could Mean He’s Racist

CLEARLY Ryan is a racist, he's white...let's face it, that's the real extent of the argument. The racist label is still the single most powerful destructive political charge...let's look at that for just a couple of sentences. Since blacks are about 15% - 18% of the population, they are reasonable adjunct voting bloc, worth pursuing to a point. Such charges will help to encourage a reaction from them, presumably. What about the rest of the country? Mostly white and hispanic, right? What does that do to them? Clearly, by and large, racists are looked down upon by the vast majority...which all things considered, MUST include at least a good proportion of conservatives. Calling one racist can only work if most aren't...
Alice153 Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 10:30 AM
Well, he might be a racist if..."he were black and conservative" "he were female and conservative" "Asian and conservative" "over weight and conservative", "Hispanic and conservative" "black, former military or simply military and conservative" in a word (conservative).

Paul Ryan had a black girlfriend in college? The Root’s Kelli Goff suggests in this article that blacks should be suspicious of this, implying Ryan could be a racist. Maybe a call to the Guinness Book of World Records is in order. Ryan isn’t the first white man to date a black person and certainly won’t be the last. Ryan dating a black woman in college shows me he’s just as audacious in his personal life (evolved and open-minded) as he is in his approach to governance.

But apparently, interracial dating is a story only...