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Freedom From Union Compulsion

"To witness the growth a right-to-work environment makes possible, Michigan legislators need gaze no farther than neighboring Indiana, which banned compulsory unionism early in 2012. Since January, the Hoosier State has added 43,300 jobs. Michigan has lost 4,200." Two things: 1. The legislators who are products of union contributions and support don't care about these numbers, they answer to unions for their votes. 2. "Right to Work" should really be "Right to enter into individual Agreements". If you enter into an agreement with a company, you and the company should have that right. No third party group able to intrude on that agreement, unless at least one participant enters into an agreement to be represented by a 3rd party.

To everything there is a season, the Good Book says, and in Michigan workplaces the season of freedom is arriving at last.

Republican legislators voted Tuesday to make Michigan the 24th state in the nation to protect an essential civil liberty: the right to work for a living without being required to join or pay money to a labor union. Governor Rick Snyder signed the new laws – one dealing with private-sector employees, one covering government employment – a few hours later, hailing them as "pro-worker and pro-Michigan."

Big Labor and its allies, of course, are furiously denouncing this as...