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Fact: Ezra Klein Doesn’t Read Ezra Klein’s Work

In politics one must be wary of the claims from ANYONE seeking office, their surrogates and, like Klein, their rabid supporters. Independent fact checking is ALWAYS necessary because when there is so much at stake the lies are legion. Klein is just an obvious example. Much of the same misinformation tactics are used by all who have a vested interest in the outcome. This is only getting worse in a society that has largely embraced cheating as ethical if it means success. Trust no one. Politicians and their supporters rely on the vast majority of the public believing their narrative. If you buck the trend and check the facts, you are a relative anomaly.

Ezra Klein tells readers of his “wonk” blog that he doesn’t read his own work.

Ok, he doesn’t actually say that, but he certainly implies it: “I actually can’t recall running into a piece in which the argument is so carefully written,” writes Klein “as to mislead the reader without, in most cases, being entirely untrue.”

There it is. Case close. Ezra Klein says so.

Klein either doesn’t read his own work or he has a short-term memory problem.

Klein of course was referring to someone else, not himself as I facetiously suggest- in this case, historian Niall...

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