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Correct. Clean house.
The ends justify the means, whether following the letter of the law or flouting the law...which the president does precisely as he sees fit, without regard for the law.
You stumbled into the wrong site, there are no takers for your foolishness here.
Dr Carson's approach lacks one element that will make it forever unacceptable to the left. There is no direct government control of health spending and procedure. If you want to control a population, really make the entire mass docile, you need a choke point that gives you the power of life and death in no uncertain terms. What better means than the ability to decide who lives and who dies? Let's be honest, older voters are far more likely to vote conservatively, say after forty or so. If, at the later years, say after 55, when health expenses start getting to be larger individual chunks, the population is aware that they are beholden to government for the longevity they seek...it could certainly change their voting habits and their publicly expressed opinions... Make no mistake, the threat, once government is running single payer, is that blunt.
I'm not holding my breath over this one. The courts have defaulted to some exceptionally poor logic vis-a-vis Obamacare. I am pretty tired of things that should never happen having to be decided by an increasingly less than Constitutionally bound court. Aren't you? "The Liberty Amendments", by Mark Levin, give us a pathway to stop this. A little more activism in favor of them would be in order.
The problem is culture, not race. As long as the media continues to promote the lowest common denominator culture and the politicians exploit and encourage that culture, the problem will persist.
The people of Massachusetts are automatons of progressive thought. They elect these legislators without second thought about the behind closed doors deal making that is used, the waste and abuse is their lot...and well they deserve it.
" The United States is strong enough to survive even the amount of damage one petulant man determined to destroy it can inflict. Not matter how many temper-tantrums he throws." It, however, hasn't the strength to withstand the flood tide of voters who would elect such a man.
No arguments, Pistol. Spot on.
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