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"I thought dems were against big corp getting freebies?" CORRECTION: The Democrats are against big corporations who don't donate enough to Democrat campaigns getting freebies. See? It really isn't that hard...
I ave no faith in the words of the very dishonorable John Kerry. It isn't that I don't agree that ISIS is a problem with which we shall contend, it is that he and our current administration will f it up, royally.
"Republicans refuse to allow the president to step on our Constitution." It looks to me like they are helping him. At the very least, they are doing nothing to stop him. We never hear strong, cogent arguments in the public square about what he is doing and why it's not appropriate. Oh, we hear a lot of whining, a great deal of messy Boehner crying but nobody is standing up and making real, Constitutionally based arguments as to why the president's approach is not legitimate. Remember, much of the country has been given a progressive education, where they have been taught the living Constitution makes all of this OK. One thing is for certain, few within the Republican base feel much confidence that the Republican leadership is up to the task, or any useful task for that matter. We have no faith in you or your motives Reince.
Red Herring. Stossel, we already allow a million plus a year to immigrate here, legally. More than all other nations of the world, combined. We should make the process for those we will let in much more streamlined, months, not years. We also should banish those who, thereafter, attempt or succeed in coming here illegally, making any future immigration, under lawful guise, impossible. The cart cannot be put before the horse. First the government has to SHOW US they will ENFORCE THE LAW. Since the federal government has been playing a game of wink and nod with illegals, right in front of us, we do not trust them. Nor should we.
Obama is not directly responsible for all of the ills the international community is currently experiencing...he's just responsible for not doing anything a normal US president would do to fix the ills. Few are truly aware of how much the rest of the world has relied on the US to set the pace for international issues. Even when we seemingly failed in the past, we set an example of what we thought should be the outcome. A baseline of desired outcomes, even though not always achieved was set....even among many who would publicly deride our policies or openly vilify us, the tone and the starting point for discussion began with where we established the baseline. Under Obama, the US is becoming not just an unreliable ally but a laughing stock.
Scrap usually always has his head screwed on straight.
Why, most don't even know what the Federal Reserve Bank is....or who their senators and representative are...for that matter few of them know their donkey from a hole in the ground. Then again, there's a great number of Republican voters not so much more informed.
That 95% wound up in a great number of pockets, few of whose were those of the original owners.
Over a period, abolishing the Fed and going back to real value is the only answer that will keep the government from perpetually picking our pockets. An economy run on real value needs no reserve bank to prop up phony money. All the worst crashes and most dire economic circumstances have occurred after creating the Fed, most can be directly traced to Fed actions. Our most recent problems have been from excess liquidity provided to a market only too happy to play with all that monopoly money, bolstered by a government edict to loan to fools and losers.
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