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South Carolina has an open primary. Democrats vote in the Republican primary because they know the Democrat ain't gonna win. Graham is no conservative, never will be...because he knows his primary base are the uninformed Republicans and any Democrat that wanders into a Republican primary.
McCain may have served the country well in the Navy...that was the last time.
Not. A. Chance. Graham is the poster boy for the candidates we DON'T want. Put it this way, I'd vote for Jeb Bush before Graham...and there's no way in hell I'm voting for Jeb. Just put that idea away and forget where you put it.
OK, now get your own website where people who are interested in what you have to say can go. THIS SITE AIN'T IT. We don't give a flying rat's diq about your stupid online foolishness.
The president has the power to deem you a terrorist, then have you executed. Under Obamacare, he will have the power to have minions deny you life saving care, at just the right moment...believe me when I say this is coming if we don't right the ship of state.
Government, at best, is a necessary evil, at worst an intolerable one... I do believe, in all honesty, we are approaching the latter...tyranny is upon us, soft though it may be, harsh it will soon become.
Fuzzy, where's my "like" button?
Paul, like most of us, assumes you are aware of the revelations provided to us by Edward Snowden. The fact that every single thing you ever did with your digital cell phone has been recorded in a vast digital repository at the NSA, should on it's own be sufficient grounds for you to be angry. It is for me. The idea that the executive can deem you a terrorist, using their own criteria, then summarily execute you as an enemy of the state, should make you angry. It does me. If that isn't abuse enough for you, maybe you're in the wrong "political division", or, perhaps, you simply weren't aware these provisions existed...been under a rock?
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