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Closed Circle Syndrome

The lens through which the president and his trusted advisers see America is clouded with a taint so dark they will never see the truth. Meanwhile, the truth you and I see is not really germane to their considerations, as they are not concerned with improving the system. One must first understand the goals of these people are not to improve our system. Their goals are predicated on how to remove the current system without being removed, themselves. Once this concept is embraced, the truth becomes more reasonable, the explanations for Obama's actions make sense. He is trying to find a way to destroy the capitalist market system, what remains of it, with a hybrid fascist/socialist system without arousing too much suspicion for his actions.
Michael Bowler (formerly Michael) Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 7:30 AM
As time goes by, the need to hide certain aspects of his process are reduced, note the more recent openly pro-socialist rhetoric of his supporters. The public are becoming inured to the cries of "socialism" from the right, the democrats know it. Socialism is just another word and has no meaning for most Americans...poorly educated in the outcomes of ideologies for so long.

The coverage of former FBI director Louis Freeh's report on the 14-year cover-up of the child abuse scandal associated with Penn State's football program gives us a peek into an issue I've thought about for a long time: Closed circles.

Closed circles are like black holes in physics: An actual, physical force. The gravity they generate is so great, not even light can escape; and anything that ventures near the event horizon will be sucked in and will (essentially) disappear.

It is clear from even the most cursory reading that paramount in the minds of Joe Paterno and the...