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"Money Out of Thin Air ... Mystical, Dreamlike...Even Nightmarish."

MichaelAThompson Wrote: Sep 29, 2012 11:59 AM
I'm no gold bug, and I actually think it over valued by a LOT, but it seems to be the best item for backing money. After thousands of years of experimentation, and failure, seems gold almost always comes out as the winner for currency backing. Everyone has their reasons as to why but regardless of your stance history shows it to be number one. Fiat currencies tend to be the WORST and that is what we are currently experimenting with all across the world. I'm sure THIS time things will end well! > . <

Indeed, the fact that central banks can create money out of thin air, so to speak, is something that many observers are likely to find surprising and strange, perhaps mystical and dreamlike, too – or even nightmarish.

— Jens Weidmann, president the Bundesbank, September 18, 2012

On September 18th, the London office of Deutsche Bank — one of the most respected banks in the world, and a bellwether of elite opinion — published a Global Markets Research paper entitled Gold: Adjusting for Zero. It was written by two esteemed, mainstream analysts Daniel Brebner...