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Sigh: As Catholics Sue Obama over Contraception,Vatican Continues to Pursue Government Healthcare

Michael835 Wrote: May 25, 2012 1:33 PM
I would have to agree but truth and orthodoxy should take us back to Christ's teachings which focused on the individual's responsiblity and accountability. That is what the Church should be pursuing rather than governmental solutions. The reason that I mentioned conservative Catholics is that many who are socially and fiscally conservative also seem to shy away from speaking about their beliefs in the Catholic press or in Catholic circles for fear of castigation by a socially and fiscally liberal clergy and vocal liberal Catholics.

Despite the tribulations the American Catholic Church has been suffering with the Obama administration, the Vatican continues to pursue government-enforced universal healthcare. Its ambassador to the United Nations recently issued a statement encouraging all member nations to move toward a system of universal healthcare, implemented by government.

The Vatican said the Catholic Church is "committed to universal healthcare coverage" in a release Thursday that described a speech by one of its leaders before the World Health Assembly.

Archbishop Zygmunt Zimoski told the meeting in Geneva on Wednesday that the Vatican supports Resolution WHA64.9, a measure that...