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And what do you think the Dems would do and have done when their candidates have lost?
Urban Democrat bases in the big cities/suburbs re-elected Obama and are feeding off his Federal handouts. Rural Americans see what he's doing and voted against him for fear of the ever-expanding (overreaching) Federal government. More votes in Detroit, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Cleveland and Philadelphia to name a few. Dividing America ... Obama's legend.
Sanity at last. Thank you Parents and Newtown Board of Education. Mentally ill and downright evil people do exist. This is a start.
Upside down in the USA. Those pushing amnesty for illegals don't want the agents in the mix. Almost sounds like the inmates at the prisons having more say than the guards.
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The Abortionist Saints of Sundance

Michael835 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 7:23 AM
Redford and Sundance are products of a failed generation that continues to spew out garbage. The terrorists and defilers of human life are the abortionists that profit on death. 55 million unborn humans murdered in the womb and millions of women spiritually and emotionally scarred for life. This is nothing to celebrate .... it is a national disgrace.
Right on target Wayne. The government needs to enforce existing gun laws, tackle the mental illness issue; and curb the senseless violence depicted in all forms of the entertainment industry. Since 9/11, Americans have lost more freedoms than any time other than under Lincoln and FDR. Take a look at Les Miserables and see what happens to citizens that lack the ability to challenge tyranny.
Truly amazing ... do Toure and the woman quoted in Salon believe in either the Creator or the soul? They both read like throwbacks to the ancient Romans. Either way, once you question the worth of any life, you start down a slippery slope ... is Toure or the woman really worth keeping alive? Are they worth defending if you are a soldier in the field?
Reality time ... not the fiction D.C. want to feed us.
Tell the simpleton to watch Les Miserables or read the book. Pay attention to the soldiers putting down the rebellious citizens ... note the citizens lacked firearms and ammunition. Ohh ... you say he's seen it and that the point behind his desire to disarm American citizens!!
Life is not a week at the spa. Those who helped create this social acceptance of abortion will likely be compared to Goebbels and Himmler of the Nazi machine in history books. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao will also be mentioned. The nation's shame of slaughtering over 55 million innocent unborn will eventually be felt.
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