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Sorry About Calling You 'Uncle Tom'

Michael542 Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 4:01 PM
It works so well because victimization and thin skinned polices are what our children are being taught in public schools. Think of a school yard as the ultimate example of the free market being violently intruded by government. Normally school yard politics play out the way nature intended. Now, due to government intervention, those early school yard interactions never take place. The child grows into an adult incapable of handling the normal pressures of daily life. The slightest indication of negativity is mishandled at best and violently attacked at worst. Welcome to the 21st century. We are currently about half way down the most slippery of slopes, the destruction of our most valuable asset as a's citizens.
Someone should have paid for her parent's birth control pills.
Is that Sandra Fluke or Sandra's flute?
Careful Smitty. Your dangerously close to using mathematics. According to Democrats, its not mathematics...its arithmetic! Mathematics is not taught in public school anymore. Neither is the golden rule, the ability to comprehend what one reads, respect or manners. Now we know why we are seeing candidates of such low expectations.
You should also be scared of yet another inexperienced politician who would take everything you ever achieved in life and give it to someone else. This woman can't even get her own bio correct and you feel comfortable letting her take the reins of Texas...unbelievable stupidity by anyone who supports such an empty suited, un-caring buffoon as Wendy Davis.
Not only does the video show how ignorant and cruel liberals are, it shows the disease of liberalism will spread into the most coveted conservative areas. This is a slow process of dumbing down citizens beginning in public schools and continuing through college. Muslims utilize this slow, drawn out process to indoctrinate entire societies to the radical side of Muslim ideology. Beware, these cruel, thoughtless people will stop at nothing to win an election. Sad thing is; they have no idea how they are setting in motion the death knell for themselves, their children and the Country by pushing an agenda without any useful purpose but to maintain power for a select few.
Toure once filled in for Rachel Maddow. No one noticed any difference. I'm of course talking from an intelligence stand point.
That's a pretty huge leap of faith to assume he was talking about government program jobs. Are we reading the same article?
So as a good liberal the MSNBC host Neblett should share his high salary as a TV host with those less fortunate then he. Claiming jobs is an ineffective answer to poverty is like saying a Big Mac won't solve your hunger pangs. If working for pay doesn't equate to staying out of the bread line then why did Mr. Neblett pursue a career as a highly paid TV personality? He contradicts his own (lame) theory. Stupid is as stupid does
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Accounting Chicanery Galore

Michael542 Wrote: Jan 16, 2014 12:22 PM
It is more of a gift to attorneys as they are paid by those caught in such chicanery.
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