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Tax cheats? Ya mean like Timmy Geithner or Tommy Dasshle or Charlie Rangel or Johnny "I served in Vietnam" Kerry? Those tax Cheats? Oh wait, they're all Dems. Montana Mike
And he called his mother a d'mass. A real class person our nodeamass is - NOT! Montana Mike
What a loving child..."my FAR RIGHTWING mother another d'mass rethug." Really shows everyone how you libs HATE ANYONE who disagrees with you. What a pathetic little shiite you are to call your mother a "d'mass"! Montan Mike
Fact is you really are intellectually limited. Montana Mike
We can enjoy life in the austerity zone or we can go witht the Dem's non-plan of kicking the ball down the road with ultimate collapse of the system. Austerity or Nothing...hmmm... I think I'll take the austerity. Montana Mike
Democrats and their supports smear Palin, so what else is new? They smear everyone they are afraid of. Montana Mike
"Hey! I heard that too from someone " Then the word is out. Montana Mike
"...and how he plans to spend taxpayers’ money." We know how he plans to spend it - like a drunken Congressman! Montana Mike
To pay back his biggest supporter, the Nazi George Soros? Montana Mike
You mean like Barry's Friend the President of GE who shipped a boatload of jobs to China? Montana Mike
"Let's stop calling 'em obstructionists and start calling 'em what they are - wartime traitors" I agree the Democrats are wartime traitors after all it was Harry, "the War is lost" Reid who gave aid and comfort (the defination of treason) to the enemy before the surge in Iraq even began. Montana Mike
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