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Amy, "Quite a few Cold War era don't get to hear it at all." As a Cold War Vet I can vouchsafe your comment. Montana Mike
A wittle soros birdie told him. Montana Mike
Dude, You really think that all the independants who have fled Obummer because of his diasterous policies will now turn around and go back to him because Rommney picked Ryan? Really? Montana Mike
Commie no, Idiot yes. Montana Mike
nodeamass wrote: "I am a greedy slimebag" and I wholeheartedly agree. Montana Mike
Rethugs are absolutely sure that a virgin created God who was also the son of god, something unbelievably s t e w pi d," You insult Christians then turn around and misspell stupid? Do you really think that helps your argument? Montana Mike
So you oppose all those hand out to those green companies that went belly up? Montana Mike
And brain dead libs always retreat to charges of racism when they can't argue facts. Its how the brain dead dems roll. Montana Mike
I do believe that nodeamass believes the poor are too stupid. He also believes his mother is a "d'mass". It just shows what type of person he/she/it reallly is. Montana Mike
Tax cheats? Ya mean like Timmy Geithner or Tommy Dasshle or Charlie Rangel or Johnny "I served in Vietnam" Kerry? Those tax Cheats? Oh wait, they're all Dems. Montana Mike
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