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If those who believe that anti gun should supersede America's 2nd Amendment, should think very hard about what our Founding Fathers went thru so that We would have the Liberty to protect our country from the tyranny of a rogue American Government that has decided to run amuck. A government who decides they know better than the American People will then do everything possible to fight against the American People by using fear propaganda to sway some of the American People to turn against the rights of the majority of the American People by the use of this fear only, because they fear that 2nd Amendment Right of the American people to be free to stand up against that fearful rogue government to be able to stop them. That Government's next step will be, if getting the American people to stand with them does not work, will be to, remove our right to bare Arms thru the use of the Police Dept. thru out America, this is one reason why we see the Militarism of the Police Dept. in America today. They will use the ignorance of those who are in charge of our Police to have their officer remove, and Jail anyone they see Baring their 2nd Amendment Rights. We need to fight back legally, if possible. We need to always respect what our Founding Fathers has done for All of Us, they died for our Liberty to Bare Arms in order to protect America from Rogue Governments who is doing all they can to take our rights away. The Bottom line is this, Our Founding Fathers paid the price for us to Keep and Bare Arms, and No One has that right to take what They did away, NO ONE. All the Documents that came out thru their struggles, are Alive, and Breathing, America must realize this, therefore we must always Keep up the Fight that our Revolutionary Fathers Fought for, by keeping the Revolution Alive forever.
Although most if not all Banks gave the president money, and most likely voted for him, maybe now they have learned their lesson, never give to a person who smiles at you while he has his hands out, while at the same time, knifing you in the back at the same time. America, as a whole, has known that Life inaccordance to Holder/Obama is this, if you is white, you is racist, you know, tat be tru, dey no evrting. But, in reality the one's who is always, and I mean, ALWAYS, claiming the other side is racist, are the one's that is racist, and it looks like they are also thieves, so watch out America, they ARE coming after you Next.
The President of the United States of America, is a Weed that Blow's in the wind, he is for one thing, then the next high bidder does his bidding, then the President is against it. This President has shown that he does not know his head from his A**, and that has been how he has run this country, not knowing which way to go. So, How does he explain why he changes his mind constantly? He call's it Evolving, I call it, Being a Rookie. Ignorance, this is a President that Just doen't know what the he** he is doing, a man that let's the women make all the decisions in his job, (Ladies, please do not take this statement wrong, there are men in this world that let's their wife make all decisions). So, here we are, all shook up as America.
I learned a long time ago, that Americas need one another to give of one another, not to take, and not give back. One other lesson I want to say is, instead of pointing fingers, such as, "Blame Bush", we need to realize that by pointing of that finger, you will always have three pointing right back at you, so go ahead, point that finger you hypocrit, rememeber when Jesus came to the aid of Mary, just when she was about to be stoned, Jesus squated down, proceeded to write in the dirt, then stood up and said, "Those who are without sin, throw the first stone", What Wisdom, because it is of my opinion, what Jesus was writing in the dirt were just a few names of those in the crowd that had sinned, Possibly with the same Mary. We all fall short.
The Clown is Baaaaack! Grayson, the liar that told the world, every Republican want's all americans to die. I have Never, ever heard this boy tell the truth not even once, this is why he is not in congress today. Along with blatin lies that comes from between his teeth, he was not a good representative for his constituancies, this is why he only represents himself. Not just all of the the truth that I just spoke of, he was one of every House member on the Democratic side that would not listen to the Citizens of his district Town Hall Meetings in relationship to Obamacare, he just flipped up his middle finger and send, I am your Rep, I'll vote the way I want to vote because I know what is going on in DC and none of you don't.
The President appears to me that he is very insecure. This blog seem's to prove my statement. For the President to have incerted himself to the Reagan Bio with his bullet points show's tell's me this. It obvious that he doesn't believe that history will have a good report about his term in office that Obama has to do something for himself. Well, Mr President, it will not work, you are too late, history has already been written, Mr. President the only good thing that you can leave for History is Leave, go back to the place you came from, WHEREVER THAT PLACE IS, and leave the repairs of this mess you left up to the Republicans, they have the proven record of repairs to what the democrats has always left for the Republicans to fix.
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