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Now that is a great idea! Israel would never go for it but maybe if we threw in Biden, who knows.
Jimmy Carter and Obama's foreign policy are very similar. Neither know what they're doing and all they do is destabilize governments wherever they go. Until now, it was a footrace to see which of these jerks is the worst president we ever had in America. Obama is the winner. Carter gets the most stupid award.
Dumb Blazio is creating a situation in NYC that will lead to more chaos. He needs to resign right now. He is totally incompetent. He is an arrogant elitist and useless political hack. NYC police are the finest in the entire country and perhaps the world. Let the mayor wear a blue uniform for two weeks in a squad car and see how his perspective changes.
Open 'boarders'? I think you meant 'borders' although most come and get free room and board courtesy of the US taxpayer.
Thank you, Toronto fans. I don't get Hockey Night in Canada any longer but I'm sure Don Cherry was proud too! What you did was very classy. Thanks again. Newport, Vt
Sharpton doesn't Iowa from his elbow. He thinks Ottawa is someplace up past New Jersey.
Moody's is responsible for the over valuing of many assets that caused the economic crisis we've been in since 2008. I wouldn't believe them if their tongue came notarized. This is more Obamaganda. The economy is still in very bad shape and when QE is cut back, we'll really see how bad it is.
Liberals are tolerant of everyone that agrees with them. If you are not a liberal, you are hateful, ignorant, or some other reason to be despised. Their perspective can't even fathom another viewpoint because they are always right. We used to call that behavior being a spoiled brat or a baby. Perhaps there is a better term now.
Now we are one divided nation under Obama.
This incident was probably not the first time these two thugs robbed a store. I do not buy their families line that these two men are innocent victims. No more repeat offenses, no more catch and release, no more probation. Robbery is risky business and violence begets violence.
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