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EXACTLY. When I point out the fact that expanding preventive care costs money, liberals usually react reflexively, thinking I don't agree with the spending. Ensuring that all women over 40 get annual mammograms is an overwhelmingly popular idea, and in my opinion, good policy. But unless you have a crystal ball to identify the 12.4% who will develop breast cancer (and when), to argue that it "saves money" is simply not true.
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Random Thoughts

Michael3783 Wrote: Nov 26, 2013 11:25 AM
Remember when the Iraqi occupation encountered "glitches"? Did liberals have a "plan" other than retreat and surrender?
It doesn't matter - the Administration will parse some deceptive statement that confuses words like "register" "enroll" or "access features of the site" that while technically correct, leave one with the mistaken impression that the website is doing what it was supposed to do absent the "glitches". And Dems will agree that's what they said all along.
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The Laugh-A-Minute Abortion Telethon

Michael3783 Wrote: Nov 22, 2013 2:59 PM
Wouldn't being "pro-science" include recognizing the scientific fact that, in its ability to produce biological offspring, the union between one man and one woman (once known as "marriage") is materially and intrinsically different from any other union of human beings???
When are we going to take the keys away from the people who drove the healthcare car into the ditch?
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The Shutdown that Ruined Christmas?

Michael3783 Wrote: Oct 23, 2013 10:53 AM
And as you watch the ObamaCare disaster play out, Dems must ask themselves: THIS is what we risked default to defend???
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"Not One of Us"

Michael3783 Wrote: Oct 17, 2013 12:30 PM
I agree with Sarah Palin on policy. But I have to admit, there is something - in her diction or her accent - that I just can't relate to. She somehow comes across as, for lack of a better description, "unserious". Like Potter Stewart regarding pornography, I can't tell you why it comes across that way, but it does. Maybe if one had Sarah read a speech given by Jeane Kirkpatrick, and watched and listened to the two side by side, you'd understand. But if liberals judge any criticism of Mr. Obama as racist, it is just as easy to judge criticism of Ms. Palin as sexist. They just can't deal with a woman (or black, or hispanic, or gay, or anyone from "flyover country") who doesn't march in lockstep with their government-centric policies. They can't deal with the merits, so they must engage in the "politics of personal destruction".
Liberal logic: When given the choice between: (a) doing the right thing, or (b) doing something that might damage your ideological opponents, always choose (b). But to be safe, get a favorable legal opinion, and remember to invoke your 5th Amendment rights, or Executive Privilege, if necessary.
Let's use the Administration's favorite example, Apple. Suppose Apple had hyped a new product for 2 years, and upon its launch, no one could actually buy the product? And what would an objective analyst make of the claim that they don't know how many they sold? Even Jerry's Kids have a better ability to tell you how much they've taken in ...
2 points for Candida: First - Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, and he can pay for his own healthcare. Second, when asked about tax collectors, Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's". So I'm pretty certain he had no position on tax or revenue policies of the Roman Empire. But I'm doubly sure that Jesus would not accept simply paying a graduated income tax, and supporting progessive/socialist policies as a substitute for actually living a good, charitable life. Or to consider someone living in America who has a car, an Obamaphone, air conditioning, and government subsidized health insurance as "poor".
"And as people have looked away in disillusionment and frustration, we know what's filled the void. The cynics, and the lobbyists, and the special interests who've turned our government into a game only they can afford to play. They write the checks and you get stuck with the bills, they get the access while you get to write a letter, they think they own this government, but we're here today to take it back. The time for that politics is over. It's time to turn the page. " Barack Obama, 2007
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